Chase Perfect Card: Best Gas Credit Card to use at Any Gas Station?

Chase has officially discontinued the Chase Perfect Card. We received a letter in the mail this week notifying us of the change that our Perfect Card would go from the 3% on gas purchases to 1% or sometimes 5% with the newer Freedom Card. If you were notified by Chase by mail that your Perfect Card is ending soon may we offer you our top suggestions: 1.American Express Blue Card (no hassle and no rotating categories), 2. Chase Freedom $200 Offer – do this before they send your replacement card in the mail, or the Citi Card that offers 5% rotating categories.

Read about the now expired Perfect Card (RIP)

Our favorite gas station credit card is by far the Chase Perfect Card because unlike the other gas rebate cards this card lets you drive to any gas station and the rebate is automatic where it applies to your statement instead of having to call some number and taking months to see the money you earned. There is no credit card on the market better than this card due to those great features and the fact that the Chase Perfect Card has no limits on how much you can earn besides the $500 monthly spending cap on gas.

I know gas prices are high but most do not spend over that amount. Furthermore, Going to any gas station saves you money because with other cards you could end up at just Exxon, Bp, Chevron, or Shell stations paying higher prices than the station across the street. Learn how to avoid high fuel prices by having this freedom to choose. Do not fall for silly gimmicks like the Speedpass at Exxon and the Shell Gas rebates when you can have it all in one card.

Our #1 Rewards Credit Card for over a year now goes to the Chase Perfect Card (above). If you are having trouble deciding on a Chase rewards card then throw them all away and apply for this card. There is absolutely not a better card offer for a cash back rewards card than this Chase issued card (at the time of this initial review). We picked the Freedom card as our second favorite because it is a little more hassle than the card above but you have the opportunity to earn more in rewards if you play with the numbers right.

When comparing the Chase Platinum Visa among other Chase Mastercards you will find that nothing is more “perfect” than the Chase Perfect Card. The big bank credit card issuer has also improved many of its cards including the Platinum Card and the Freedom offering. If your credit is good you may even get a Zero percent APR offer for up to twelve months on the Platinum Card.  You also get all the Platinum benefits with these Chase Cards.

Got Free Gas? Check out the hottest gas station card from Chase. This card can save you money at the pump and cure your wallets blues.If you like the Chase Gas Rebate Card that gets you gas at every gas station across the US at a 6% discount for the first 90 days then you will love the Chase Perfect Card. The Chase Perfect Card can give you the Freedom you deserve when you fill up your SUV or car.  It is voted the BEST Gas rebate credit card on the market today for those of you who do not wish to be bothered with an annual fee expense.

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