Chevron Gas Cards: Earning Fuel Rewards

It seems that every major corporation in America has come out with a credit card all to themselves. Disney, Nascar, universities and department stores all have credit cards with which their customers can earn rewards for buying merchandise and services. This is a great way for customers to be rewarded for shopping.

Of all the reward programs and point schedules, however, it seems that gas station credit cards are rising above them all. “I get about ten [Chevron gas card] applications a day at my store,” says Zail Singh, a Texaco store owner in Houston, Texas. “And that’s just at my location.” It is becoming apparent that the number of people with gas station credit cards are multiplying right along with the horrendous gas prices in America.

Chevron, which encompasses Texaco as well, has three gas credit cards that can earn cash back on gasoline purchases: the basic card, the premium card and the business card. Each of these cards has unique benefits for consumers, and can help save on gas prices as they continue to rise.

The Types of Chevron Gas Cards

The Basic card is the best choice for customers who routinely purchase gas at Chevron and Texaco stations. It has no annual fee and they are currently offering $0.10 back on your first 500 gallons purchased with the basic gas credit card. Chevron issues monthly statements for your convenience and a revolving credit system to help manage your budget. To receive the 500-gallon promotion, simply apply for the basic credit card and enter promotional code #2146.

The Basic card is perfect for customers who don’t need any benefits other than gasoline price reductions. This is the simplest card to handle, and has no complicated extra terms.

Current Basic card members and new customers can apply for the Premium card as well. This card has more rewards, but carries a $20.00 annual fee. Benefits include up to 50% off lodging expenses at select establishments world wide, cash back on airline tickets and car rentals, free American Express traveler’s cheques, and high-level security services. Customers with the Premium card also have access to Chevron’s Travel Club, which affords members additional savings while on vacation or traveling for business.

The Premium card is great for customers who want added benefits for travel and purchases. This card has more detailed terms, but can be beneficial for consumers who travel frequently and would like to receive rewards.

The Business card is great for companies whose products or services require travel. For example, if you employ sales staff who travel by car to their territories, you could be saving hundreds in gas expense reports each month. The Chevron Business gas card comes with security protection; easy monitoring of purchases; customized monthly statements; convenient online access; and attractive, custom embossed cards for each driver, vehicle, department or project. To apply for a business card, simply call Chevron at 1-800-243-8766 Monday through Friday between 6:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

Chevron Gas Card Features

Chevron gas cards also come with optional card designs that can be chosen at the time of application. The standard card is gray with the Chevron and Texaco logos in the corner, while the optional designs feature the Chevron road sign, the Chevron VW cars and the Texaco Nascar.

Payments for all of Chevron’s gas cards can be paid online, by phone or through the mail. Chevron also has a simplified Bill Pay system called CAPS (Chevron Automated Payment System), which can be used for automatic bill paying through other credit cards or bank accounts. Bills can be sent to the service address or viewed online for your convenience, though you must have Acrobat Reader in order to view your bill.

Using the Chevron Gas Card

As always with a credit card, it is the tendency of most people to charge a high monthly balance. With the Chevron card, you will only be earning rewards at Chevron and Texaco stations, so it is best to limit purchases with this card to gasoline and car maintenance or repair.

There is no interest rate, however, as long as you pay your monthly balance on time. Late payments are assessed a late payment fee rather than an APR, and two subsequent late payments will result in the canceling of your account. Rather than relying on monthly statements to reflect your bill, it is much better to record your purchases as you make them, and to save receipts from the counter or from the gas station terminal.

To learn more about the travel rewards packages and other savings offers, visit They have an extremely helpful Q&A section as well as the details pertaining to each of the three cards and additional promotional offers.  For more information about Chevron and Texaco gas cards, call 1-800-243-8766.

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