Citgo Gas MasterCard Review

First we are told to boycott the Exxon oil company for being against domestic partnerships then we are now told to boycott Citgo because they are mostly owned by Venezuela.  Many groups are calling to boycott Citgo gas stations which include most 7-11 convenience stores main gasoline brand.

Let’s brush away politics and discuss the Citgo MasterCard from Citibank.  The Citi Platinum Select CITGO MasterCard has recently replaced the CITGO Visa.  I will say the CITGO Visa was my third reward card ever until this new wanna-be replacement came along.

My very first rewards card was a Discover Card then came the Blockbuster Visa Card that only lasted a few years.  The Blockbuster card sent out so many free movies that someone had to put a stop to that.  Besides the days of  Blockbuster Music and Video have came to an end a long time ago for most of their stockholders. The Citgo Preferred Platinum VISA (Citibank) has been discontinued. This was my very first gas rebate card but only pays 1% back on everything and comes directly on your statement was a great card for several years.

The new Citi version of the CITGO MasterCard is not as good as the original.  This card that replaced the staple of most rewards cards is only giving back UP to 1% on all purchases unless it’s a gas purchase at CITGO at a 4% rebate.  The old card gave us loyal cardholders a full 1% back anywhere we charged goods and gave the rewards back in a no-hassle credit to the statement.  This was truly the first rewards card that ever did such a thing in my book.  You do not have to wait for some silly check, wait for a coupon, or call a 1-800 number with the good folks from India on the other line to redeem your rewards.  The rebates earned on the CITGO MasterCard are automatically credited on your statement againt future purchases made with the card.

Things have changed with the new Citi Platinum Select CITGO MasterCard in the worst of ways because they have taken the best credit card off the market.  Say goodbye to hassle-free rewards and goodbye to a FULL 1% credit on everything purchased.  Say no to the new version of the CITGO MasterCard and Say No to CITGO Gas and Say No to Exxon Gas Stations.

Rewards Maximums: You may only earn up to $50 in rebates each month.

We recommend you try the Perfect Card for any gas station or  BP and Sam’s Club.