Regarded by many as one of the best rewards credit cards available to the average consumer, the Citi Cash Returns Card has a lot to like. A lengthy 0% APR for balance transfers of up to 18 months is attractive, but the cash back rewards are what most people are after if they are looking into the Citi Cash Returns Card. There are also a long list of additional benefits that come with the Cash Returns Card by Citi, and those often prove attractive enough on their own. Before covering those features in detail, it would be worth exploring the low APR, balance transfer, and cash back/unlimited cash rewards features first.

Consumers can transfer balances from other cards and enjoy up to 18 interest free months to pay off the balance transfer. This can be a great tool for those looking to get their existing balances under control, especially if those balances are subject to interest rates on other cards. The higher the interest rate, the better the idea it generally is to transfer the balance to a card that offers a lengthy interest free period for balance transfers, such as the Citi Cash Returns Card.

Another introductory offer affects the cash back feature of the Cash Returns card, namely the feature that gives the card its name. For six months, users receive a two percent of their purchases back. This rate drops to one percent after the initial six month period, but one percent cash back is still a very generous offer. Keep in mind that these figures are minimums, and that shopping at merchants that participate in the Citi Bonus Cash Center program can result in even higher rates for qualifying purchases. It is even possible to earn cash back on qualifying cash advances and eligible balance transfers.

It is worth keeping in mind that cash back rewards are only issued once a total of $50 or more is earned. On the plus side, the cash back rewards are simply issued automatically, which means that there is no need to make calls or jump through bureaucratic hoops; Citi makes cash back rewards very simple for holders of their Cash Returns Cards. This is certainly a key advantage of the Cash Returns Card, as most rewards systems built into cards require at least a modicum of effort to effectively utilize.

Additional features of the Citi Cash Returns Card include: a comprehensive retail purchase protection program, extended warranties on certain card purchases, $0 liability fraud/unauthorized charge policy, emergency and travel assistance, insurance that covers travel accidents and auto rentals, and no annual fee. The lack of an annual fee is a great feature for any consumer, though the other bonus features are likely to prove useful at some point in time. One of my favorite things about this particular card is that you can get a Credit report for you and your family once a year free for being a card holder.

Update: This is an expired offer. Please see our current offers from Citi here.