Step Forward with a new card from Citi Cards

Citi has recently become one of our favorite credit card issuers in this economic crisis because they have stepped up to the plate at a time when other card companies are charging more fees. The forward thinking bank is actually making sure you are using your credit cards wisely and responsibly. Citi Forward is a card that helps you maintain a healthy credit rating by rewarding you for things such as paying on time and stay under your credit limit. This card premier on our site during Earth Day week and that goes hand in hand since this card allows you to get 1,000 points just for going to paperless statements after account opening. It also encourages you to read books as it gives you 5% back at bookstores including Barnes and Noble and

Not only do you get all these bonus points but you even get your APR reduced by a quarter percentages when you use your credit wisely by paying on time. The Citi Foward card offers consumers many ways to track their spending with online features. There are also educational tips and interactive tools along with customizable bill dates, and breaking down of your monthly statements. Email and text alerts will help you meet your payments every month on time with notifications possibly hooked up to your cell phone messaging.

You can basically dump your Barnes and Nobles and Borders credit cards and use this one for 5 rewards points on books.  You can also dump your restaurant card you were using to combine that and your music purchases for 5 rewards points.  You get 1 point for everything else you buy on this card.

The maximum Thank You points per year you can earn with this card comes out to be 75,000.  This card has better rewards when up against the MTV U card and no need to be a student to get this luxury of earning points.

If you want a full 5% value for your  Thank You points it is recommended that you redeem them for $100 gift cards which go for 10,000 Thank You points at retailers.  This works for Macy’s, Dillards, Sears, etc.  You may also get full reward value at 2,500 points for a $25 student loan credit.  This is just like getting cash when it’s applied to a student loan.

NOTE: Offer No Longer Available

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