Citibank Platinum Card Offers

Listed below is a Citi Card that gives you 0% APR on balance transfers. This is the best 0% offer I have seen because most are either only 6 months or 12 months. Plan on cleaning your slate for several months with this card depending on your creditworthiness.

You may also be interested in these other great offers from Citi Cards:

  • NEW! 5% Cash Back on Airlines, Rental Cars, and Restaurants
  • 40,000 Bonus Hilton HHonors Hotel Rewards points
  • Citi ThankYou(SM) Premier Card with a $300 Gift Card offer
  • Citi ThankYou(SM) Preferred Card
  • Find out why Citi Forward is the card everyone is talking about.
  • 30,000 Miles – one of the longest running rewards cards that now offers a bigger incentive.
  • Citi Premier Pass (Elite Level) – Great card for travel rewards!
  • MTVU Student Card – What can be cooler than a credit card with the MTV Logo on it?
  • Some things have changed with the Upromise for college hopefuls so read about the new card benefits from the improved MasterCard.
  • Go Platinum
  • Citi Simplicity Card (Review)
  • Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards
  • Now is the time to have a Citi Card if you are a Beyonce, Pink, Taylor Swift, or Rihanna fan. You can get preferred seating and VIP pre-sale tickets using your Citi Card codes. You will also have a chance at James Taylor, The Beach Boys, and NKOTB. This is what we call benefits that Capital One and Bank of America cardholders do not get.

    1% back on purchases with an added bonus for the first twelve months. You receive the check once you mark $50 in rewards without the hassle of trying to call customer service or trying to log-on to a banks website to beg for your rewards. I salute Citi for bring out a real rewards card that is simple to use and really gives you back without all the rules you see in other rebate or points programs. Here is some consumer information and reviews on some additional Citi Card offers:

    • ATT Universal Card
    • Citi Business Rewards
    • Sears Card – leading private label card provider in U.S.
    • Home Depot Card
    • Citi® Driver’s Edge® Platinum Select® Card
    • Cash Returns
    • Citi® Smart Card – great card to use for purchases
    • Citibank Visa Cards? You do not see many Visa cards offered by Citibank anymore but we were told by someone who works at a local Citibank branch that they mainly partner with MasterCard on new cardholder applications.
    • Associates Bank Credit Cards
    • Student Credit Cards from Citibank
    • Diners Club Charge Card
    • Home Rebate Platinum Select MasterCard which lets homeowners use points to pay down a mortgage, regardless of the lender. Cardholders get a 1% rebate on card purchases.
    • Citi Dividend Card

    More about Citi Cards

    Citi Cards Introduces New ThankYou Credit Cards

    Based on customer feedback Citi has reshaped their line of ThankYou Credit Cards with new exciting features and benefits. Including new earning power for points and less rules such as limits. The Foreign Exchange fee waiver benefit has been added to two of the cards which is great for those traveling overseas.

    Customer Service

    How to Contact Citibank for an application status?