Hollister’s Club Cali

HollisterCard Club Cali went away a few years and we got an email today saying they would bring it back. If you have not been in a Hollister lately they have remodeled their stores and not so dark as before. In April 2016, Club Cali added new benefits, including allowing Members to earn points on purchases made after the effective date of the change.
12,500 $5 Certificate
25,000 $10 Certificate
37,500 $15 Certificate
50,000 $20 Certificate
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Previous Hollister Promotions:
Just in time for Back to School shopping and the busy Holiday season the teen apparel store is bringing back its famed Cali Card. You get a few new bonuses with the card now. They are offering Free Shipping with orders over $200, The Hollister Soundtrack, and exclusive photos that no one else gets to see of the models. Groovy. This may not last long because they have taken the goodies away before but we noticed you have to be on their email list to sign up for now then they will open the program up to the public.

What happened to the program before?

All good things must come to an end especially one of my favorite rewards programs from any retail store.  Hollister recently sent out emails to all of its Club Cali members stating it was ending its program near the end of June.  You may use your Club Cali card in stores until March 24, 2006 but you must use up your points and redeem them for a gift card or merchandise at their website before June 23. Unused points will not be refunded.   We advise that you log-in to your online stash account and use up all of your Club Cali points.

Hollister Club Cali Cards

If you are IN then you carry a Holister Co. Club Cali card. Abercrombie and Fitch brings you this retailer aimed at the younger MySpace blog generation with a rewards program that actually is one of the best that I have seen out of the clothing stores. American Eagle does not offer a rewards program and The Gap only rewards you with their credit card and that is not as beneficial as the one from Hollister.

The Hollister rewards program was reorganized back in April 2005 but made better in my opinion. You used to coupons sent to your email when you reached $20 towards purchases with a minimum amount that you had to purchase. With the new program that the Hollister Club Cali offers you earn points then go to their website to order your gift card or order one of their cool items out of their online “Stash”.

Why do I need to “belong” to Club Cali?

Earn just 400 points and you get a $25 gift card to use at any Hollister Co. store. The “Stash” offers surfboards starting at 6000 points, CD’s at 1200, Posters at 1250, and a Guitar signed by Ryan Cabrera or the Killers at 9000 points. Score an autographed hat from a rock group like Fall Out Boy for just 1000 points. The card also gives you exclusive invites to some local rock concerts although most of them are in California. You cannot get more VIP than this!

How do you earn (or loose) points?

For every $1.00 (pre-tax) spent at any Hollister store location, or online at hollisterco.com, members will receive one Club Cali Rewards point. Keep in mind that the Hollister store locations do not include Hollister outlet stores and gift card purchases and includes some strange term that members may only use their card three times within a 24-hour period. A big way to loose points I learned is through merchandise returns which will be deducted from your Club Cali rewards account at the same $1.00 per point.

TIP: Earn double rewards when you shop at Hollister by using your Club Cali Card and a rewards credit card like the MTVU Visa (Student Credit Card) .

Compare Hollister Card to the American Eagle Card. Also, PacSun has a new loyalty program now you must check out here!

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