Citi Forward Card for College Students: 5 Points at Restaurants and Entertainment

The Citi Forward Card for college students gives students the chance to learn about using a credit card with rewards, as well as giving students a stylish looking credit card. The Citi Forward Card features an introductory 0 percent interest rate on purchases for the first 7 months. There is no annual fee for a Citi Forward Card.

This credit card offers students a chance to get a better interest rate by using their credit wisely. It also offers them the ability to earn rewards on purchases by building up Thank You points.

The Citi Forward Card also rewards 100 points every month to every cardholder who pays their bill on time and stays under their credit limit. By signing up for paperless statements students can also earn another 1,000 Thank You points within three months of starting the account.

Points can be redeemed for:
*Gift cards
*Student loan rebates
*Statement credits
*Charitable donations

he Citi Forward card also offers a unique reward option to those who can’t find a reward that suits their needs. Known as “Your Wish Fulfilled”, by contacting Citi and asking them about a reward that you have in mind, they will do their best to make your wish come true. This is something you will not find offered by many other credit cards.

This student credit card also offers a variety of other benefits. First of all, the card comes with a zero percent liability benefit for any unauthorized purchases. It also offers flexible payment terms, providing students with the ability to choose a payment date either in the beginning, middle, or end of the month. The card holder can then either pay the minimum payment or entire balance with no penalties.

This card also offers cell phone protection for any holders that pay their cell phone bill with this credit card. In the event the phone is stolen or becomes damaged, you can be reimbursed for the replacement phone purchase. The card can also be used as a form of ID and present extra security by making it a Citi Photocard. Many items purchased with the card will also be protected by extended warranty protection, which will add an additional year of warranty coverage to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Added protection for online transactions is also provided by the Citi Forward card for college students. The Virtual Account Numbers feature lets you make purchases online without having to use your actual credit card number, which is a big help in preventing identity theft and stolen account numbers. The card also provides insurance for car rentals. Just simply use your card to pay for the rental and then decline the insurance offered by the rental car company.

The Citi Forward card also provides protection for most retail items that were purchased against theft or damage for up to 90 days. The card also comes with emergency and travel assistance services, including but not limited to:
*Medical referrals
*Legal referrals
*Lost luggage assistance
*Emergency transportation
*Translation services

For a cool looking card with rewards and a load of benefits, students will likely want to consider taking a look at the Citi Forward card for college students. With a chance to earn points based on using their credit wisely and an introductory 0 percent interest rate, the Citi Forward card presents an intriguing choice for many students of higher education.