Consumers Speak out about rewards programs

Here is a Discussion about The Chase Perfect and Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard:

It sounds very good but I’d hate to give up my Chase Perfect Card.  I’m not sure Chase would give me much of a limit on a new card when I already have a big credit line with the PerfectCard (they keep increasing it, without my asking).  Most of our spending is at Publix except for the big ticket items like the Rolladen shutters and I’m not sure how that would work.  I also love the fact that the PerfectCard doesn’t make you fool with reward points…they just take 1% off the top and that’s that.  The other thing, of course, is that Chase hasn’t made a dime off us yet…I charge practically everything on it, pay off the credit card every month, and get my 1%.  I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled the card or at least imposed an annual fee.

Also, not sure what this means but I don’t think it bodes well…this is the last paragraph after you click on the link you sent…

“Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in this Rewards Program or have received a similar bonus offer may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program, or for this bonus offer. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing.”

Anyway, do let us know how your application goes and how the actual use of the card goes.  I think of you every time I see my 1% rebate on the PerfectCard with much gratitude.  We’ve made a lot of money on that so I appreciate your keeping us posted on this stuff.
-Wendy, via email

Yeah it might be best for me to try this card out in a few weeks when I get it and see how that this thing goes smoothly.  I read that same thing and I already have two live versions of the Perfect / Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard.  I had one Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard and it turned into a Perfect card and before that I had applied for a Perfect Card online.  So now I have two of those plus a Chase Marriott and a Chase Cash Plus card so I am surprised they approved me online for this new Chase Freedom(SM).  So I guess the Perfect Cards do not count as the ex-Freedom Cards.

I also want to make sure the cash rebate works the same.  So I will test it all out and get back with you.
-Devin, via email

It sounds like you have too many credit cards.  It is dangerous to have so many different cards swirling around.  I have one card the old Citgo Visa with a little cash back on everything and it works for me.  I do not like to change cards.  I like to stick to the same card unless something goes wrong.

Just put the ones you don’t use through the shredder.  If you don’t use them, the credit card companies won’t allow sudden restart of charges on them without a bunch of security checks.

I normally get confused sometimes when I check out.  I have to search for the credit card that will save me the most at what store I am in.

You need to get this card and cancel that 1% Citgo Visa after you get this Freedom card in the mail.  Don’t cancel a card first though until you get the new one in the mail.

Okay, I gotta say, I only use three.  The Perfect Card for most everything, the Costco American Express for shopping at Costco (they won’t accept anything else but they do give a 1% rebate at the end of the year), and one other card with no rebate and it’s one on which we charge very little.  I use it for online purchases so that if anything’s amiss, it will catch my eye on the bill right away.  Any sudden big charges on that would cause a security check because I don’t think I’ve ever charged more than $50.00 at a time on it.

Wait, I have one more…a Delta card that I use every few months just to keep our 80,000+ frequent flyer miles viable as long as we charge something every so often, the miles don’t expire.

I don’t worry about trying to get 3% back on this card or that card, we don’t eat out enough to make it worthwhile…and the PerfectCard automatically gives us 3% for gas purchases.

It all adds up, though.  That 1% adds up to about $700 per year, enough for a mortgage payment and a dinner out!

I like that idea on the Delta card so you do not loose your hard earned frequent flyer miles.  You can also go shopping on their mall online and purchase something to get points into your account.

Something neat you can also do to get more Delta miles is get a Starwood card and they transfer the miles on a 1 to 1 basis unlike most hotel programs.  You would join the Starwood program for free then get the card for the free 10,000 Starpoints with your first purchase.  You then just log into your Starwood Preferred Guest account and transfer those miles for free to the Delta program.

Also, if you are paying an annual fee for that Delta card you should consider getting an American Express card that has Membership Rewards to put miles in that Delta account.  I don’t like paying annual fees.  Although all the airline related cards seem to have annual fees even the ones with Membership rewards after the introductory year.