Get Compensated For Delayed, Canceled Or Overbooked Flights

airhelpfileairlineclaimThere is now an easier way to get money back from the airlines if you’ve experienced a delay, cancellation, or overbooking in the past 3 years. Most of us do not go after the airlines and stay persistent with customer service over these issues for vouchers or lost time and money mainly because it is inconvenient to file a claim.

AirHelp is a service that will file claims on your behalf, follow up with the airline, and take the airline to court if required. Whether you paid full price, got a discounted fare or redeemed an award ticket.

If AirHelp is not able to compensate you there is no need to pay AirHelp. If the airline pays, AirHelp will take 25% of the proceeds which is much better than nothing from being inconvenienced with forms we would have no clue where and when to file.

In the event of a delay, cancellation, or overbooking, airlines will usually offer you a voucher for free food or drink or credit for future travel. Hotel accommodations if there’s an overnight delay and that is a rarity. But normally you the airlines offer you nothing.

The airlines are legally obligated to pay us but we as the passenger need to know our rights and file a claim for what were owed. This is where a site or App such as AirHelp comes in. They do all the work for us such as calling the airline and all the forms.

At this time you can only file claims for flights that departed or arrived in the US or European Union. And the rules are different depending on where your flight occurred. US domestic passengers can get money back for overbookings (involuntary denied boarding). Even if you volunteered, you could still be entitled to money. European Union flights offer compensation for overbooking, cancellations, and delays (with restrictions). EU Rules can get passengers back as much as $800 for delays, cancellations, and overbookings.

To see if you’re potentially eligible for compensation you can start the claim process on AirHelp’s Apple or Android apps.
AirHelp will quickly tell you if your claim is eligible based on your flight details.

If you were denied boarding, you could get up to 200% of your 1-way fare (maximum $650 compensation) if you arrive at your destination between 1 and 2 hours late. And 400% of the 1-way fare if you’re more than 2 hours delayed (maximum $1,300 compensation).