Escape with Travel Rewards

Escape your workplace.  Escape your problems. Escape into a world of travel rewards with the new Discover Card built for earning fast miles by getting unlimited double miles.  You can start out with a 0% APR then make purchases to get those bonus miles which in some cases pays for the membership in itself.  The membership fee is $60, but 1,000 miles each month you make a purchase will add up and have you flying in no time.  This card from Discover throws miles at you like a pitching machine in a batting cage.

If you like to travel, the Escape by Discover© Card may be the card you need. Designed with the world traveler in mind, it offers several perks for its card holders. With miles rewards available in several ways, this new card from Discover leaves many other cards in the dust.

One feature that stands out is the bonus miles you can get. If you make at least one purchase per month, for the first 25 months you have the card, you will receive 1000 bonus miles per month. That’s an extra 25,000 bonus miles just for using your card once every month. And that’s not all. For every $1 that you spend with the card, you will receive 2 bonus miles. And also, for every $1 that you spend online at ShopDiscover, you will receive 2 bonus miles. So ultimately, at ShopDiscover, you will receive 4 miles for every $1 you spend.

You might wonder how you can spend these miles that you earn. The answer is pretty much any way you want. Your card’s travel credit allows you to spend your reward miles for more than flights. You can use them for hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and even cash, which is used toward travel credit. You will get 1% cash for miles redeemed, or for example, 10,000 miles redeemed will get you a credit of $100 to use on a travel package. And when you purchase the trip with your card you will still get 2 miles for every $1 you spend.

If you want to exchange your miles for cash into your bank account, that’s possible as well. You can have a direct deposit or credit into your account. Minimum amount for redemption is 5000 miles for $25. Keep in mind, however, that you will lose 50% of your mileage value when doing this.

These rewards plus the original exchange of miles for gift cards at almost 2000 vendors makes this card greatly different from other travel rewards cards. While most cards require a certain number of miles in order to redeem for a flight as well as booking in advance and only with the card’s in house agent, the Escape card gives you infinitely more flexibility and the freedom to book through the agent of your choice.

With all of these rewards and the flexibility that comes with them, you might think that’s all this card has to offer. You would be wrong. You also get free travel insurance with the Escape card. You can insure your luggage for lost or damaged claims. You can also have trip cancellation insurance as well as travel delay insurance to help give you peace of mind and enjoy your trip.

If those perks aren’t enough, here’s one more. You can get free primary insurance on your car rental. Most cards offer secondary insurance which only kicks in after your private insurance, meaning you would have to file a claim and pay a deductible. The Escape card’s primary insurance replaces the Collision Damage Waiver offered from the car rental agent, which usually costs $10-20 per day. Instead, this insurance will cover you up to $50,000 and has no deductible.

The card that let’s your dreams escape offers you 0% interest for the first six months you have it. This includes both purchases and transfers. At the end of this period interest rates will apply to any unpaid balances based on your credit rating, usually between 10% to 16%. These rates are below what many cards charge.

There is an annual fee of $60 for this leisure rewards card. This may seem like a large amount, but compared to other cards this isn’t necessarily true. When you look at all the services and perks you get with the card, this amount is really quite reasonable. If you travel frequently and are tired of cards that limit your rewards, this card could be just what you need.