Discover IT had the Best Superbowl Commercial 2015

DiscoverItcardgoatsurpriseIf you ask me hands down the Best Superbowl commercial 2015 goes to Discover IT card who we have always been behind as one of the best cards for rewards. You just have to watch this if you have not seen it yet because it can already be a hassle to talk to a rep normally on the phone although truly with Discover a call is like this at first. He calls in and gets a human and that did NOT happen a year or so ago so this is a great change for the company. I called in and was ‘surprised’ myself a human answered I thought I called the wrong number.

Discover now claims that they “treat you like you’d treat you”. Two of the great benefits of the card they point out in the hilarious commercial with the goat surprising the guy on the phone is that a human answers the phone fast and that you get a free FICO Credit Score on monthly statements and online. To me one of the best things they added to the card in the past year is the redemption where you can redeem at any amount now instead of having to wait to $50 which took forever. I am currently using my Discover IT card for its first quarterly 5% cash back which includes Gas and Transportation such as taxi’s, Lyft and Uber. You can earn 5% back on Uber which is an amazing thing so make sure you are signed up for that and get $20 worth of free rides.

Here is the video you just have to watch over and over and belly laugh!