Credit Cards that earn rewards on purchases, Inc. is a leading electronic commerce company based in Seattle, Washington. The company was named after the Amazon River, one of the largest rivers in the world, located in South America. Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1994, but soon branched out, selling video games, toys, CDs, DVDs, furniture, food, and much more. With so many varied products to purchase it makes sense to try to get the most from each purchase by using a reward credit card. Three credit cards that will help maximize rewards or cash back when used at are the Amazon Rewards Visa, the Citi Forward Visa, and the American Express Blue Cash Preferred.

The Amazon Rewards Visa card comes with a $30 gift card with the approval of a credit card application and no annual fee. If the card is used to purchase anything at Amazon three points are earned for every $1 spent. That is a 3 percent cash back reward when used at Amazon. If the card is used at gas stations, restaurants, or drugstores, two points are earned for every $1 spent. For all other purchases, one point is earned when the card is used. Another great feature of the Amazon Visa is that the points earned can be used at checkout to pay for the whole or just part of the order. The points can also be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, and more. In fact, every 100 points equals $1 towards the purchase.

Another good credit card to use when shopping at Amazon is the Citi Forward Visa. It comes with no annual fee and 5,000 bonus reward points are awarded when $600 worth of purchases are made in the first three months. If the card is used at restaurants, bookstores, music stores, video rental stores, or movie theaters, five reward points are earned for every $1 spent. All other purchases come with one reward point earned for every $1 spent. Since Citi Forward has classified Amazon as a bookstore, it rewards five points for every $1 spent at Citi Forward also rewards people for going to paperless statements by giving them 1,000 reward points. A customer can earn 100 reward points every month by making payments on time and staying under the credit limit.

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card is another great reward credit card to use. As a new card member, a customer will receive $100 cash back if $500 worth of purchases are made in the first 90 days. A customer is rewarded 6 percent when the card is used at a supermarket, 3 percent if the card is used at a gas station or department store, and 1 percent when used for other purchases. Another great feature is that American Express allows people to redeem their cash rewards at any time. Since it is a straightforward cash back system it is easy to manage.

Getting one of these three credit cards to use for Amazon purchases is a great idea. By using a reward credit card one is benefiting from the spending that they will do on a regular basis. The Amazon Rewards Visa card provides 3 percent cash back on all purchases and allows customers to use their rewards at checkout when making a purchase at Amazon. The Citi Forward Visa is great to use and rewards people for doing simple things like paying on time and staying under their credit card limit. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card makes things easy by being a simple cash back reward program. It provides a generous 6 percent cash back on qualifying purchases, making it a great card to own. Of course all these programs can change, so always check to see what programs are offered at any given time.