Rewards Programs for Bonus Cash Back

We have compiled a list of some rewards programs that you can join for free and earn rewards whether online just shopping for gifts or buying soda products to iPad’s.

The Coca-Cola company features a rewards program called Coke Rewards which has been a popular buzz item on our site. Soda drinkers have been searching for what they can get with the amount of cola that they purchase.

Internet surfers have long been rewarded for just clicking around from page to page but sometimes even get more rewards if they buy something. See what we have in terms of an online shopping mall and what programs such as Ebates can do for you. Never make a purchase online unless you check one of these programs first to make sure you are earning money back on ALL transactions. An example is the iPad on the site or where you can earn 1% through Ebates or even 3% on the Chase website. I usually shop at the retail store such as Best Buy or the Apple store in person then go online to buy it to earn my extra cash back plus the credit card cash back.

If you are a parent you are always seeking out ways to be more frugal with your spending. There are not only programs available that let you save in groups such as GroupOn but you can also find happiness in targeted savings in My Parent Rewards.