Elevator Keys at Hotels and Workarounds to a Nuisance

One of the most annoying things which is sadly a trend in the hotel industry are these room keys to get up the elevator. Mainly because the hotel does not have in mind those of us traveling for business have deliveries such as Postmates or even pizza. One of the reasons of asking for a delivery is so that we do not have to stop what we are doing and deal with elevators and such that is part of what we are tipping the delivery drivers to do.

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Atlanta Midtown to find that it was yet another hotel that featured the elementary school elevator keys. I just do not understand why adults have to use keys in a day when they have video cameras at the front door, security at the front at night, and giving us one more travel hassle that is just unnecessary. I ordered Postmates delivery if you are not familiar you can read about it here to find that my food sat getting cold at the front because the delivery person was not able to come up to the room. At most hotels they would send the person up but they would not send him up. Hotel sites need to list when they have elevator key hassles on their websites from now on. People can decide if it is an “amenity” they want when they stay at a hotel. Great location otherwise… Room service could be open longer hours as it opens at 5pm. Good Wifi. New, modern hotel.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Tulsa has the same issue where the room keys are a nuisance. They would not let Mazzio’s Pizza deliver to my room instead I had to elevator shuffle down to the 2nd floor where the lobby is located to meet my pizza delivery guy. It’s almost like the Fairfield wants you to go out of your way to a 2nd floor lobby as another hassle instead of on the street level. The hotel thought they should go out of their way to make sure the traveler has one more obstacle to go through because planes, trains, and automobiles are not enough.

One way to work around the keyed elevator entries is to have your guest take the stairs if it’s at a small hotel such as the Fairfield Inn that only has 4 floors. You should be taking the stairs anyway as it’s great exercise! Another workaround that works when you do not have to put up a key for each floor is to just follow a guest of the hotel in the elevator who are already have a key out.

Who knows as hotels upgrade their elevators we may see it get worse and worse. I just hope they can start being upfront about this and add it to their “amenities” area so that I can choose NOT to stay at a hotel that treats you like a child having to use a key to get up an elevator. Here’s a hint: Nobody likes it. Everyone in the elevator complains about it and if someone wants up they will damn well get up there.