E*Trade Rewards Platinum Visa

There are many discount brokerages lately that let you trade from $7 to $10.  E*Trade is considered one of the best online brokerages because of the discount price of $9.99 trades for power traders and the research that is available on their site.  Ameritrade which merged to bring about TD Ameritrade is not far behind.

Ameritrade customers can get up to 20,000 Starpoints or airlines miles when they open an account but E*Trade customers could carry a credit card that could bring about even easier earnings potential.

The E*Trade Rewards Platinum Visa earns you points towards travel, merchandise, gift certificates, statement credits, and free trades with every purchase.  Earning free trades goes farther than the Merrill Lynch Direct credit card because the trades are cheaper on the E*Trade network.  There are also less fees on E*Trade

The E*Trade rewards points are unlimited.  You may earn 1 point for every $1 spent on purchases.  You may view these points online or on your card statement.

You start out with 2,000 free points after making your original purchase. You only need 1,000 points to qualify for a reward.  The unique thing about this card is that you may pick your own rewards.  Collision/theft insurance on auto rentals is something you only normally see in business credit cards which comes free on this card.

Want totally free stock trades?
A former Merrill Lynch employee started a new dot com company called Zecco.  Zecco will have absolutely no commissions.  This means trades will be for free.  You may not need a E*Trade credit card after all to get those free trades.

Also See: Fidelity Investments Credit Card and compare to the Schwab Bank Visa for retirement.

User Reviews:

The Etrade Visa card is worthless:  Rewards program for trading points is too small too be worth anything – you can take your 1% from some other Visa card and have money for 5 or 6 more trades than E-trade’s Visa reward for the same money.

-Jay, TX