Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus from Bank of America

Financial-RewardsIf you are looking to transfer balances from one credit card or another or from a current loan then this card could benefit you.  The Financial Rewards Visa from Bank of America offers no balance transfer fees and zero percent introductory annual percentage rate until six billing periods are up.  Without the no balance transfer fees and six months of no interest this card is worthless as a rewards card.  The “financial rewards” you get with this Visa card are only one point for every hundred dollars you spend with an ability to earn only 600 per year.  Points expire after five years and when you redeem one point equals one dollar.  You may receive your rewards in the form of a check written directly to you or a direct deposit made to your Bank of America checking or savings account.

I have so little faith in this card that I will not even list the bullet points.  Bank of America wanted a cool named card to market that has no consumer benefit but the no balance transfer fee I suppose.  Seriously, what bozo dreamed up this card?  Maybe it is someone that hasn’t had the privilege of actually using actual financially rewarding cards.  This card shall be listed in our top bozo cards of the year.  Sorry for the bad review but I had to do it.

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