Free 4 Months of Google Play Music + Youtube Red

Free 4 Months of Google Play Music + Youtube Red

If you are a music fan you can have free access to 35 million songs on-demand and ad-free for FREE. In addition, you get Youtube Red which is an ad-free video experience. Youtube Red is amazing because I link it with my Apple TV and watch it on the big screen.

The promotion is for new subscribers for a free 4-month trial of Google Play Music Unlimited & Youtube Red. With this service, you can listen from all of your devices (Android, iOS, or online) and you can even download and stream your songs, albums, and playlists even when you’re not connected. After the 4-month trial is offer, you can get a special offer of just $9.99/month!

How To Get Google Play Music Promotion:

  1. Simply visit the Google Play Music promotion page.
  2. Subscribe to the service and you’ll be able to get the promotion. Keep in mind that you must be a new subscriber.
  3. At the end of the 4-month trial, you have the option of continue the service for just $9.99/mo or cancel.

You may be able to keep getting this promotion. I tried this promotion 4 for months back in November and when it ran out this week I clicked on the promotion link again and a pop-up came up telling me that I had already claimed it. Then a window came up that offered me 2 months free and I hit subscribe. I looked over my billing and it did not charge me and extended my subscription for 61 days. So far I have scored 6 free months.

If you are a big music lover and would rather listen to the highest of quality there is also another freebie. Tidal is offering 6-months free. Amazon Prime also has a music subscription where they are offering one month free. You could just go service to service and get the entire year paid for! Even without a subscription Google Play offers free downloads and special offers all of the time but you have to be quick.