Free $5 Starbucks Bonus Gift Card with $10 Purchase

Starbucks is back with a $5 bonus gift card when you purchase at least a $10 Starbucks online gift card using Visa Checkout. The promotion is valid through August 18, 2016, or for the first 200,000 people so hurry up on this because it ends for whichever comes first which could be a few days because everyone drinks at Starbucks.

You’ll see the $5 bonus reflected on your receipt and it will not appear before the transaction is finished. This is good for those who have used or never used Visa Checkout.

It just takes a minute to set up a Visa Checkout account where you add a Visa credit card. Preferably a Chase Freedom Visa while they have their 5% back on dining as this will count towards that.

1. To take advantage of this offer, simply go to this page where you can purchase a Starbucks gift card here.
2. You’ll be prompted to select your payment method — choose Visa Checkout.
3. Then check out and complete your purchase. A minute later you should receive an email confirming your $15 gift card purchase even though you paid just $10.