Free Perdue Crew American Express Rewards Cards

20150521105952_Perdue_iAhMqzSjThe Perdue Crew will be giving away PERDUE-branded American Express Reward Cards. Just head on over to their site at and sign in with your Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win these free prepaid cards.

Free $10 Perdue American Express Gift Card
The first 500 who earn 10,000 points will get a free $10 American Express Card. You can earn points by uploading photos to instagram, referring friends, sharing recipes, and connecting their site to your social networks.

Free $25 Perdue-branded American Express Gift Card

Share a recipe, idea or pic with Perdue. Three winning members within each category will each be rewarded with a $25 Perdue®-branded American Express reward card.* Judging is based on originality, creativity and expression of the theme. So start sharing and start earning rewards today!

Limit: Three $25 Perdue-branded American Express Reward Cards available to be won.
Accepted at most places where American Express Cards are accepted. Expires April 15, 2017. See Official Rules for complete details.

$10 Perdue-branded American Express Reward Card

When you earn 10,000 points or more during this cycle, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 Perdue®-branded American Express® Reward Card (while supplies last).† So start earning points today!

†Limit: 500 $10 Perdue-branded American Express Reward Cards available for the first 500 members who earn 10,000 points. Limit one $10 Reward Card per member. Reward Card is accepted at most places where American Express Cards are accepted. Expires April 15, 2017. See See See Official Rules for complete details.

Once you’ve signed up, you can submit and share cool recipes and content with your friends and earn points.
Here Are Some Ways to Win:
1. The first 500 members to earn 8,000 points will win $10.00 PERDUE®-branded American Express® Reward Card
2. The top three (3) idea submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
3. The top three (3) recipes submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
4. The top three (3) Instagram submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
Ways to Earn
1. Every approved Instagram photo you upload using the #perduechickenpromotion hashtag earns you 500 points
2. For every friend you get to join, you’ll score 1,500 points
3. Create and share your favorite recipes for 500 points
4. Score 500 points for each additional network you connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

What is the Perdue Crew?
The Perdue Crew is made up of our biggest, most loyal fans. When you join the Perdue Crew, you’ll help spread the word about our products, news, recipes and more. When you share our content, you’ll earn points, rewards and coupons.

How do I earn points?
You earn points by sharing content and getting your friends to engage with our content. Additionally, earn points for recruiting your friends to join the program!

How do I get rewards?
To learn how to get rewards, coupons and more, head on over to our Rewards section. Or for even more ways to earn rewards, check out our current promotion rules.

How do I share content?
You will receive an email when we have new and exciting content to share. Each email will contain a status update and link to the content we’re sharing with you. Once you press the “Click to Share” button, the status update will automatically post to the social networks you selected. Or you can share directly from the Perdue Crew dashboard.

How do I upload my Instagram photos?
It’s easy! Simply log into your Instagram account and upload your favorite photos using the #perduechickenpromotion hashtag. If your image is approved, it will appear on the Pic Wall.

How many Instagram photos can I upload?
You can post as many pictures as you would like, but you will only earn points for one (1) photo per day.

What are the rewards I can win?
Rewards are always being updated and refreshed—go here to learn about the current rewards. Promotion Rules.

Why is the content I’m sharing not showing on Facebook or Twitter?
Please check your account settings to make sure the appropriate networks are synced to your account. If you are still having an issue, please email us at

How will I know if I am selected as a winner?
Winners will be notified via email at the address they have synced with their Perdue Crew account. To ensure that you never miss a winner notification, please add to your contacts list.

Do I have to connect all my social media accounts in order to participate?
You can use any combination you would like. Of course, the more social networks you connect to, the more opportunities you will have to earn points!

How are permissions and privacy handled?
Members of the Perdue Crew will be notified before content is posted to their social network.