Free rooms, buffets, and shows in Las Vegas from a Facebook Game!

freeroomlasvegasMost people know that you can earn loyalty points by using cards in slot machines while your gambling in Las Vegas such as the Identity at the Cosmopolitan, Total Rewards at Caesar’s Palace and the M Life at MGM resorts. What most people do not know is that you can get lots of freebies by not betting any money at all just playing MyVegas in your free time on Facebook. This will earn you a few comps here and there without spending money and can be fun but time consuming at times.

I have played for over a year now and had planned on cashing out for a buffet back in September with my MLife points. I continued playing the game and my trip to Las Vegas next week I am cashing out on two free nights at the Monte Carlo, a 2 for 1 buffet and whatever else I can get with 33k loyalty points if I do not make it to 35k points. Addicted? Maybe.

Of course when you go to redeem the points you have to choose between the various MGM resort restaurants, casinos, or rooms. They will show lots of “free” Circus Circus rooms and any room they have a harder time selling such as the Monte Carlo. The Mirage and Mandalay Bay are a bit harder to score nights since they only allow certain dates to book these such as Sunday through Thursdays and then call it a “bonus” night to make it even harder to score. It’s almost a jackpot just trying to get one of these redemption’s to work out perfectly.Book your hotel stay with the Las Vegas Venetian or Palazzo’s Best Price Guarantee or your first night is free!

myVegasgameI happened to be staying at the Cosmopolitan using Marriott Rewards points for Friday and Saturday and thought I would stay free using the M Life loyalty points for Thursday and Sunday nights the easiest nights to use these. While I am staying there using these points as comps I still have to pay a resort fee. Yes, even at the Cosmopolitan. It’s sad that even the Bally’s or Caesars Palace hotels who once did not charge resort fees do now. If you want a comped room be prepared to pay over $29 in fees that get you basically nothing. I mean who uses the phone or an old ethernet connection these days. I will use my iPhone and tether before I try and plug an Ethernet cord in my computer from the Luxor.

Here are some more of the goodies you get from MyVegas: $50 dining credit at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas was one of my favorite resumptions listed but of course I did not see this until I cashed out on some others. You just have to stay one night at an MGM resort and you get to pick from whatever food you are feeling that night. You can also get a complimentary ticket to LOVE at the Mirage for 40,000 points which equals a $104 ticket value. This is The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show. #MLIFE #MGMCasinos