What are Frequent Flier Miles?

Frequent Flier Miles are rewards that customers earn for flying on particular airlines. Nearly every airline has a Frequent Flier Program, and the rules and regulations vary from company to company.

When you sign up for membership to a Frequent Flier Program, each flight that you take using that airline will earn miles toward a free flight. Frequent Flier Miles can be redeemed for partial or full tickets, depending on how many miles you have accrued. Currently, 25,000 Frequent Flier Miles translates into one round-trip domestic ticket with most airline programs.

Alternate Ways to Earn Frequent Flier Miles

Airlines are not the only companies that can distribute Frequent Flier Miles. Credit card offers, hotels, rental car companies and other reward programs frequently offer miles as rewards for purchases.

Because of this, it is often difficult to determine exactly where miles are obtained. They could have been earned exclusively through the airline, or through a multitude of other offers. As it stands now, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not tax Frequent Flier Miles, and this is not likely to change. However, the source of Frequent Flier Miles and the ways that they are used are extraneous factors that often complicate matters like divorce.

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