Have Trouble Reading Restaurant Menus in the Dark?

dinnermenuIf you are like me you do not have the best of vision especially when it comes to trying to read a restaurant menu in the dark. This is one of the biggest things I have trouble with when traveling to a foreign country or anywhere. It’s worse in a foreign country because of the language barrier on top of not being able to see the small menu print and find the English version if there is any.

You can use your iPhone as a magnifying glass to help with this problem in the new ios 10 update. This is a feature that no one really talks about but can be extremely useful.

Use Your iPhone As a Magnifying Glass
A new Accessibility function in iOS 10 allows you to use your iPhone as a high-tech magnifying glass. You can focus, zoom, turn on the LED light, use special light filters and even freeze the image.

How to Start using a Magnifying Glass on iPhone
Go into Settings -> then General -> then Accessibility -> Magnifier (Turn On)

It will be especially helpful ordering food in a theater grill when I can’t see the menu in the dark. Other uses are to check out anomalies on your skin that you can’t see that well. Although you can always just take a photo to have for your dermatologist or doctor. You can use it for the back of your TV or other electronics to see part numbers or other small print information you are seeking.