1,000 Easy Hilton HHonors Points

Points for Password HHonorsCyber-attacks and online theft have been nonstop this past year. The Hilton hotel chain and their HHonors rewards program had to put in a captcha that was more of a hassle than a banking site because of this. This may turn out to be a good thing in terms of points though because Hilton HHonors wants you to change that password and will put 1,000 points in your account to do it.  You heard that right… Hilton HHonors is giving away 1,000 bonus points when you update your account password between February 19th and March 8, 2015.

I had used an email address and a PIN Number until now but when they get done with the updates may no longer be accepted.  When I tried to go in and change my password it would not let me.  It asked me for my username and password when I looked in the “Personal Information” part of my HHonors profile.  Looks like I was going to have to set this up anyway but I hope it passed as a “password change”.  Took me a few tries to set up my username as the site may be getting bombarded with people doing the same thing.

You will not see the bonus points post immediately to my account like most offers.  Give it a few weeks to post.

If you are half blind like I am you will understand that captchas are discriminating little things. They do not like us blind folk. Without contacts or glasses on there is no way I can fill out a captcha. I hate them more than anything. So I dread every time I look up hotels on Hilton’s website because of this. I wondered why they made it harder to get in their site than my bank account. Turns out it is because they are being hacked and we all have to pay the consequences for this theft.