Household Bank Rewards MasterCard

A great, honest, hassle-free rewards program but the expense reporting is horrible

As you can see in the pictures below that the Household Bank MasterCard is one of the best cards when it comes to adding up that 2 percent in cash back.  All you simply have to do is log into the site at Household Bank and see openly what your rewards balance is at this time and as you can see in this case it is just a few pennies away from hitting the $25 redemption level.  Once you get to $25 you get to redeem for a check sent to you in just a few days.

I use this card mostly at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart to get that 2% where other cards do not pay it at these superstore or discount chain type places.  It is also easy to use this card for dinner and lunch purchases as they are normally so small I do not want them on my business expense cards, especially if they are fast food.  When my other cards max out in the points I can use I go back to this card again and the 2 percent adds up fast.

The biggest downside to using this card from Household Bank is that the reporting is horrible in the PDF format.  The PDF actually is a bit blurry and hard to see.  Some software may have problems converting this to Excel or other business or for personal expense.

The card is also not that pretty to look at.  It is a bland blue card with the world Gold written on it but looks very outdated and not your typical rewards look.  Kind of embarrasing to use at some places because it looks like one of the lower income credit cards. What fun is it getting rewards if  you cannot show off a flashier card?

I will still use the card but in a discreet way and feel happy when I get my $25 checks in the mail.  I just hope that Household Bank changes some things such as the look of the card and changes the PDF format of their statements because they are way too blurry.

Compare HSBC MasterCard’s –Additional Household bank programs include the Direct Merchants Bank targeted for fair credit consumers and the Orchard Bank subsidary. Compare it to other 2% Cash Back cards on the market.