HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC has recently introduced one of the most exciting cards I have seen in a few years. I enjoy no-hassle rewards because you do not have to call in and beg for the rewards you have earned. The new Weekend Card from HSBC is definitely a card for people who spend most of their money on the weekend. And who doesn’t? If you have a social life and go out on the weekends you are spending a good sum at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shopping. If you have a family you are out bowling, skating, watching movies, or even at the mall or local shopping centers spending money that you could be earning a FULL 2% back on.

The Weekend Card allows you to earn 2% cash back every purchase made on Saturday and Sunday, plus you will earn full 1% cash back Monday through Friday. You earn an unlimited amount of cash and your points never expire. In addition, enjoy a 0% Introductory APR on balance transfers for a full 12 months, with no annual fee. Your APR on this card can be as low as 11.49% depending on creditworthiness. This is the best credit card you can have on the weekends!

If you do not like messing with the “up to 1%” rewards credit cards and prefer a REAL and FULL 1% cash back credit card with No Annual Fee this is your card. HSBC offers a choice of three cards when you apply for this card. First, HSBC takes you through the application process then they let you decide on the card that you want: A HSBC Cash Back Credit Card, HSBC MasterCard with Fly Rewards, or a HSBC Platinum MasterCard. All of these cards listed from HSBC give you a 0% APR and great rewards which is comforting.

Fair Credit Cards from HSBC

Many people find themselves in financial predicaments these days and credit histories have suffered immensely. In order to get back on track again, people need ways to rebuild their credit scores in a manner that won’t cripple them further financially, i.e., like being subjected to exorbitant charges and fees.

HSBC has taken an interest in helping customers with unsatisfactory credit ratings by offering a card that not only makes the redemption of monetary rewards possible, but also doesn’t burden customers with excessive fees and charges. It’s called the Household Bank Rewards MasterCard. The most significant point about this card is that it offers similar rewards to customers with bad credit histories that are usually offered to customers with good credit histories. With this card, it’s also possible for customers to rebuild their credit ratings since activities are reported to the three major credit bureaus.

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