Instant Credit Report

Finding out one’s credit rating instantly is a new and very welcome phenomenon. An instant credit report can be accessed through a number of online services. This process has been heavily advertised in recent years, and it has done a lot to make people more aware of the importance of credit scores and credit ratings. In the past, a person had to send off for a credit report, so unless there was pressing business that required him to have his credit score, he most likely would not bother with it. One can’t technically get a credit report instantly online, but he can take a few minutes to fill out a form and wait a few seconds more to receive his rating. Now that the process is so easy, people should check their credit reports regularly. Not only will the information better prepare people to apply for loans and credit cards, it will also help them protect against identity theft.

Are Instant Credit Reports Free?

Almost every ad for an instant credit report claims that the report is free. In most cases, this is true. However, there is a cost involved, even if it is not a monetary one. Most instant credit report sites will require a person to sign up for a trial run of certain services. This trial run is free, but it pretty much guarantees that a person will be bombarded with emails and popups. Keeping up with one’s credit report is important, and at times, getting the report in a matter of seconds can be extremely beneficial. Also, some of the sites do have services that are worth checking out. However, if a person does not want to deal with the proverbial spam, he can find credit report services that take a bit longer but won’t try to get him to sign up for anything.

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