Hit the Jackpot with the American DreamCard™ Sweepstakes

Just when you thought there could not possibly be another lottery or jackpot to win, there is now a new credit card that has lottery fever.  The new American Dream credit card was designed by the great minds at a national bank to give you a chance to win a jackpot every time your card is charged.  You do not have to deal with hassles of going to a gas station every time you need a lottery ticket instead get a free try at a jackpot every time you use your American Dream card.  You get 1,000 Jackpot entries to win at least $25,000 just for applying for the card and no purchase is necessary.  Each monthly jackpot starts at $25,000. One example is that September’s jackpot was $40,000! The monthly jackpot grows with the number of American DreamCard holders and the amount of money spent by those cardholders. There is no limit to how high the jackpots could become each month.

American DreamCard™ MasterCard® American-Dream-Jackpot-Card
  • Earn entries from everyday shopping!*
  • More entries mean more chances to win!
  • Large Monthly Cash Jackpots!
  • A New Winner Every Month!*
  • American DreamCard™ is issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.

*See terms and conditions for important rate, fee and other cost information, and limitations.