IN LA: The Los Angeles Lifestyle Card

The American Express city trend has just begun with now another addition to the collection for LA residents.  If you live in Los Angeles or visit the area a lot you may want to consider this card for all the VIP things that you get out of it.  The IN:LA Card from American Express helps you take in more of the fun city of LA that you love. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or on the road, and you can earn INSIDE Rewards points that you can redeem for special dining, drinking, and entertainment rewards at some of the city’s best hot spots. You even have the option of redeeming points for rewards in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. The IN:LA Card also comes with special ongoing benefits, such as Tuesdays IN:LA, where you can save 10% when you use your IN:LA Card at select retailers, spas and health clubs. And get on the list and skip the line at some of LA’s hottest clubs using, plus gain access to select VIP rooms. The Card can even help you save on memberships at museums and tickets to clubs, concerts, and more.  With a 0% APR offer you could put a few spa massages or a facelift on your IN:LA card and not have to worry about paying it for 6 months.

IN:LA Card from American Express LA
  • 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months
  • No Annual Fee
  • Option to carry a balance (makes life simple)
  • Earn one INSIDE Rewards point for virtually every eligible dollar you spend, whether you’re in Los Angeles or not
  • Earn double INSIDE Rewards points on city essentials like dining, cell phone service, gym memberships, and more
  • Points have no expiration date (like some cards), there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn, and you can redeem points for rewards in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York

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Are their American Express Cards for other cities? Yes. You can get a card for IN: LA | IN: Chicago | IN: NYC

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