Free Chrome Extension to Maximize Rewards on the Credit Cards in Your Wallet

kard_-_rewards_made_simpleAs the original rewards card site to hit the web we are always looking for the latest ways to save on purchases by making sure we are using the right credit card. We found a new browser extension named Kard which helps you decide which credit card to use when shopping online to maximize your rewards that does not require any personal information.

Kard is a free tool (free Kard Download) that puts all your credit card rewards in one place—no personal information required. That’s right: you don’t have to give up your bank login information, your credit card number, or any other usernames and passwords. All Kard needs to know are what types of credit cards you have: Chase Sapphire, Amex Blue Cash, Discover It Miles, etc. Kard’s Chrome Extension will notify you whenever you have a deal available as you shop online, allowing you to earn more miles, points, and cash back on everything from daily purchases, to that occasional splurge.

Credit card rewards are ever-changing as banks are moving away from category rewards such as 2x your points on dining, 3x your points on travel. The large and small banks are both moving towards merchant specific offers such as what you see on Ebates. These would be 5x your points at Walmart, Kohls, Amazon, and literally hundreds more of the most popular retailers in America. In order to enjoy these rewards, consumers must first activate them through their banking portal. With hundreds of rewards across all the cards in your wallet, this can be a nightmare to keep track of. That’s where Kard’s browser extension really helps out.

This extension is similar to the Wallaby app where you walk into a store and it tells you how to maximize the spending with which credit card. This is a browser extension and they do not yet have an app that we can tell.

The downside to using this browser extension from Kard is that it will probably use extra energy and memory resources on your browser like any other extension. It’s always best to have as few browser extensions as possible. If we had to decide between this browser extension and Ebates then we would have to choose Ebates. Kard is most likely making money the same way Ebates is by getting a commission when you click on the link to the merchant after telling you which card to choose so we doubt you can use both anyway and get your rewards from Ebates.