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Access our first MBNA platinum plus credit card to rack up points for anything on Ebay. If you are a dedicated Ebay seller or buyer and frequent their Ebay motors, online auctions, and Ebay stores then this card is for you to promote their websites when you pay for things in front of your friends. They will notice your Ebay Anything Points card you are carrying and then you can tell them about the products you are selling on Ebay. This could network your way to more bids on the most popular auction site on the web. We did not see that many great advantages with carrying this card over the other cards we reviewed unless you are just a proud Ebay supporter and a conversation piece. While this Ebay Anything Points card from MBNA is easy to spend points on Ebay it is not as easy as the rebate credit you get for things you really need on our other rewards cards. Choose from our favorite rewards cards if you wish to see our picks.

  • MBNA does not charge a surcharge for international travel like most US banks do – so you pay the bank conversion rate plus a 1% Mastercard imposed fee – but no extra charge from MBNA for international transactions.
  • Redeem WorldPoints (formerly Anything Points) for travel, brand-name merchandise, gift certificates from top retailers, or unlimited cash rewards. Redemption levels start as low as 2,500 points.
  • Earn one point for every dollar in purchases. Use your card for everyday purchases, recurring bills, or major expenses, and watch your WorldPoints grow even faster!
  • Use your points on eBay
  • Introductory 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Cash Advance Checks and Balance Transfers.
  • No Annual Fee

UPDATE: MBNA is now part of Bank of America.

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  • Sports Cards from MBNA include the NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA Tour.
  • Shopping Rewards cards from MBNA include Bass Pro Shops, Barnes & Noble, Elite Rewards
    Gold Points, Rewards Network, L.L.Bean and
    World Points Visa. You also may be interested in our Amazon Card.
  • Travel Rewards from MBNA include Elite Rewards, Royal Caribbean, Icelandair, Aer Lingus Shamrock Rewards, Amtrak Guest Rewards, and World Points
  • Dont be fooled by Motley Fool
  • MBNA News: GMAC Mortgage has teamed with card giant MBNA to issue a new MasterCard that helps homeowners reduce their mortgage balance. Cardholders will earn one point for every dollar in purchases charged on the card. Whenever a cardholder accumulates 2,500 points then $25 will be credited to the principal on their GMAC mortgage. Find out more about mortgages and compare lenders to GMAC.

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