Mercedes-Benz Credit Cards from American Express

mercedesbenz-sl65amgMercedes-Benz enthusiasts now have a way to earn rewards as they spend. American Express introduced two credit cards with the Mercedes-Benz driver in mind. This marriage of two companies renowned for luxury and exclusivity create a product perfectly suited for the Mercedes-Benz connoisseur. The potential for owners to earn rewards towards their Mercedes-Benz related purchases depends on the credit card chosen.

The Mercedes-Benz credit card, the entry level, offers a range of benefits that are tailored toward devotees of that particular automobile. This card provides members with the opportunity to accrue points by simply spending money on items and services. An automatic five thousand points are given after the first purchase. After this, points are earned on every purchase made. Five times the points are awarded on any Mercedes-Benz related purchases, excluding car payments. Extra points are also earned on purchases common to car owners. This card offers three times the points on all gasoline purchases, twice the points on all dining expenses, and one times the points on all other purchases.

In addition to the extra points accrued for spending, this American Express issues a five hundred dollar voucher toward the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz as well as a fifty dollar voucher that can be put toward the purchase of accessories at any Mercedes-Benz licensed store. At the end of the lease, holders of this card will have one thousand miles automatically subtracted from the total mileage of their car.

The annual fee on this card is a fairly low ninety-five dollars. Considering the potential savings that can be accumulated through taking advantage of the wealth of rewards offered, this fee is very reasonable.

The Mercedes-Benz platinum card is the alternate card from the American Express line and a bit more exclusive. The annual fee is nearly five hundred dollars as opposed to the ninety-five dollars of the entry level card. The benefits of the platinum card are significantly expanded from those of the Mercedes-Benz card. Cardholders who put one thousand dollars on the Mercedes-Benz platinum card within the first three months after activation receive fifty thousand membership rewards bonus points. This card also comes with a one thousand dollar voucher toward the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz, a one hundred dollar voucher to put toward Mercedes-Benz accessories, and two thousand miles waived at the lease-end.

mercedesbenz-amexcardHolders of the Platinum card are treated to extra luxuries not available to holders of the entry level Mercedes-Benz card. One of these privileges is entrance to VIP lounges at airports, such as the Delta Sky Club and the US Airways Club. Other flight advantages are a free companion ticket for all international flights, expedited US customs entry, and travel insurance. Cardholders also have the ability to convert their accumulated points into frequent flier miles.

Platinum cardholders can shop with ease because of the extra securities available when purchases are made. Lost, damaged, or stolen purchases will be refunded if the item is lost within the first ninety days after purchase. Purchases that come with a warranty will have that warranty doubled for no extra charge. Items may be returned to American Express for the full retail value in the event that the original place of purchase will not accept the return.

The Mercedes-Benz credit card is perfect for anyone wanting to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz automobile and take advantage of the extra rewards that go along with having this card. The Mercedes-Benz platinum card would be better for the Mercedes-Benz owner who also travels frequently and wants the next step in luxury. Preferred treatment at hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies come standard with this card. – See more at: