Why Mom Bloggers should have Small Biz Credit Cards

mombloggerStay-at-home mothers can generate income with a blog. Although blogging can generate funds, many women do not consider the extra income part of a small business and ignore the opportunities for funding that can help pay for any fees associated with the blog. Small biz credit cards are an option for mom bloggers because the opportunity to turn it into a small business is available.

Requirements for a Credit Card:

It is not necessary to obtain an EIN to obtain a small business credit card. Women can use their personal name as the business name and a social security number as an identifying figure. The blog is usually made in the name of the writer and any money generated from the blog is put in a personal account rather than a business account.

Since the requirements to obtain a small biz credit card are not related to incorporating a company, women can take advantage of the funding opportunity. Business credit cards have many benefits that can help mom bloggers with expenses related to the blog and other necessities involved in the process of generating extra income.

Benefits of the Card:

Business credit cards have a wide variety of benefits that improve the situation for a mom blogger. Learning about the benefits will allow a woman to make a decision about the best card for the situation and the spending requirements associated with the blog.

A key benefit is the credit limit available on a business credit card such as INK. Personal credit cards have limited funding opportunities. In many cases, the credit limit on a personal card is much lower than the options available on a business card. Small biz credit cards will provide a higher credit limit, regardless of the situation. The reason is due to the fact that the funds are often used to improve company growth, so more funds are required during the start of a new business.

Women will also find that the card offers payment flexibility. As a business funding opportunity, the card is likely to offer several payment options and flexible repayment planning based on the situation. Although most cards will still require a monthly payment, some cards will not charge a penalty if a payment is a little late. The cards offer a grace period to businesses that can allows mom bloggers to keep up with payments a little easier.

Rewards programs are another benefit that makes the credit card appealing to some bloggers. Business credit cards offer better rewards, cash back and options to help companies with necessities like purchases, travel, insurance or getting a little extra cash. The rewards are usually more than the options available through a personal card and can allow mothers the opportunity to travel or obtain useful equipment that will help with the blog.

Special Considerations:

Although a business credit card can help mom bloggers, some considerations will reduce the risks associated with the card. Every credit card comes with inherent downsides, even if it was designed for a business.

Proper management of the card is a vital part of keeping up with payments. Mom bloggers should ensure the amount spent on the card is possible to repay quickly to avoid interest charges or repaying with the minimum for several years.

Another consideration is the personal situation. Although the credit card is useful for many bloggers, it is not the best option for every situation. Mom bloggers should consider the income and the situation before obtaining a card.

Small biz credit cards are useful to mom bloggers because it provides the opportunity to gain funds with more flexibility. By using the card responsibly, mom bloggers will open up more opportunities for growth and financial stability.

The bottom line is that Mom Bloggers love free stuff and there is no better way to score free stuff than having a points earning credit card for purchases such as paypal, advertising, and hosting expenses.

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