Student MTV University Card

Finally a credit card that sends you to MTVU Events and free merchandise by earning good grades.

The Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students is the actual name for this card but I think its a little too long for a student card. You might be quizzed on the name later so watch out! This MTV Credit Card from Citibank is the newest from their line of great student cards. If you are a fan of A Double Shot of Love, The Hills, True Life, or the College Humor Show then you just might like this offer.

Get serious rewards from the MTV University branded card for College Students. Apply for the only student card that pays off big for earning good grades and using credit wisely. Earn ThankYou Points for rewards like airline tickets and cds, plus receive a 10% discount at the online and the MTV Store in New York City.

Things have changed since the last time we held the MTV University Visa Card on the site. Last Year, you would see an extra 25 Thank You points for paying on time and not going over the credit limit and an open offer for 0% APR but we do not see these on this card. This particular refreshed card still offers a lot though and its fun MTV design that gives it that retro effect you know since Beavis and Butthead are coming back maybe the Viacom station will make its way back espeially with shows such as Jersey Shore.

The main disadvantage of this card last time we reviewed it we found if you want to earn from a credit card that pays back cash instead of points then it takes the fun out of it. An example is to buy a new set of Air Jordon sneakers, DVD release, or a Sony PSP we recommend you apply for a card that gives you cash back like Student Discover. Although, who is to say Thank You Points will not feature a Sony PSP since they already include an IPOD. Then again why not be a cardholder of both to score the MTV benefits.

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