What is My Parent Rewards Card and Is It Worth It?

With the fall season upon you, you come to expect the plethora of fund raising that seems to accompany the start of every single school year. While it’s nice to feel that you are supporting the teams and schools in your area, especially if you have kids that participate, it can all get a bit ridiculous. What if you could get rid of all the candy and suckers and still support causes you care about. In addition, you would be getting discounts and saving money. That’s exactly what the program at www.myparentrewards.com can offer. My Parent Rewards is like a coupon book, except there’s no stickers to peel off, or lose, for that matter. Instead, it’s all offered in a convenient card

If you have ever purchased a fund raising coupon book, you are likely aware of the concept. Local businesses offer discounts in the form of coupons that were usually in a small sticker book. When you wanted to redeem the offer, you would peel the sticker and present it. However, it was very common to lose these deals before they were ever redeemed. With My Parent Rewards, you won’t lose the coupons. In fact, most of the offers are unlimited. If you want a buy one get one free pizza, you can get it every week, if you prefer. The offers, however, are much the same. Most businesses offer BOGO deals, or buy one/get another at 50% off. Some participants, however, give you a percentage off every purchase and these can be as high as 10-20%, a significant savings. If you bring a large party to dinner, just one meal could pay for the cost of the card.

What Does it Cost?

The exact cost of a My Parent Rewards card isn’t listed on their site. However, if you get the offer from a school or organization fundraiser, the student should be able to quote a price. You can also go to the website and type in your name, address and zip code to see exactly how much you will pay for the program in your area. $30 seems to be about average. Again, just a few uses will pay for the card. If your favorite restaurant has a BOGO deal and you pay $12.00 for a meal, you’re almost half way there. These cards can definitely save you money, especially if you like to eat out. About half of the coupons and discounts seem to be for restaurants. However, you can also get free and discounted movies, theater tickets, golfing and even groceries. In fact, card holders even have access to printable online coupons that aren’t available to the public at large.

A My Parent Rewards card is not only affordable and convenient, but it is also good for the environment. Instead of printing and distributing coupons, it is all loaded onto a simple and environmentally friendly card. Also, it’s a great fund raiser. If your organization needs a bit of cash, but doesn’t want to go door to door, check out their fundraising program. For each card sold, you can expect to retain 40% of the selling price, which can add up quickly.