Review of nFinanSe Discover And Visa Prepaid Cards

The nFinanSe prepaid Visa and Discover cards are industry leaders in the prepaid debit card industry. Over the past few years, prepaid debit cards have been increasingly used by consumers across the nation and globally as well. This is due to the ease with which consumers may load their cards with funds, and due to the fact that one does not have to worry about incurring overdraft fees such as the fees they incur at traditional banks and credit unions.

First, let’s take a look at the nFinanSe Visa prepaid card. The nFinanSe Visa is provided free of charge and comes with a free $5.00 deposit. There is 100% approval with this card not to mention that there is no credit check, no security deposit, and no minimum balance. As I mentioned previously, there are no overdraft fees and there is also absolutely no interest charges. The nFinanSe Visa also gives you a $7.77 bonus deposit if you sign up for direct deposit.

There are free unlimited pin and signature transactions, with the maximum balance being $5000. This card also provides you with great support as you will have access to customer service and support for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week with online access to the support team as an added bonus. As a cardholder, the nFinanSe Visa allows you to get cash at ATMs nationwide for nominal fees, and also allows you to reload at over 80,000 spots nationwide. Last but not least, nFinanSe allows you to shop and pay bills online as well as set up ACH billing which gives you the flexibility to ensure timely payment of your bills without having to worry about the hassle of overdrafts. The fact is that most people don’t keep up with their checking and bank account register like they should and this card solves that problem from the standpoint of overdraft protection.

The nFinanSe Discover prepaid card is virtually identical to the Visa edition. There is so much similarity in the two while the only differences are that the nFinanSe Discover prepaid card has an activation fee of $3.00 while the Visa is free and the nFinanSe Visa has a zero fraud liability option and the Discover does not. The only decision to make here is which network you go with. Both cards are FDIC insured, and are issued by Palm Desert National Bank. These cards could definitely be beneficial to your money management.