OPEN Savings for Business

OPEN Business Credit Cards American Express has developed an extensive customer oriented credit program for growing businesses. Their OPEN Business Credit Cards offer a broad selection of advantages above and beyond the credit card itself. In effect, what they have created is credit plus a business information network, with a variety of interesting topics from finance to leadership and management. Multiple networking forums offer small to large business owners an opportunity to manage their business expenses and receive sales, marketing and management input from other successful business owners.

There are three OPEN business credit cards, the American Express Gold Card, the Plum Card, and the SimplyCash Business Credit Card. Membership in the OPEN program will help you better manage business finances and cash flow, reduce expenses, expand your business resources, and connect you with the OPEN community of peers and experts. Each card has advantages, including savings and cash back. Points can be used for travel and rewards. The more you use OPEN cards, the more points and rewards you accumulate, and there are bonus programs available.

Running a business effectively means that even when you encounter cash flow problems, you are able to manage them. Helping businesses grow and prosper is the main goal of OPEN business credit cards. Going beyond the ordinary realm of financing and rewards means extra help that you can use to grow your business. The OPEN community of peers and experts brings you meaningful advice on a varity of business topics. Learn more about leadership, and management skills in addition to financial advice. It’s all included in your OPEN membership.

The Gold Card comes with maximum protection for peace of mind, so you can focus on running your business. You get insurance coverage for purchases and travel, emergency and roadside assistance, and 24/7 customer service. There is no pre-set spending limit, and immediately you save $125 with no fee for your first year. Apply now and receive an approval answer within 60 seconds.

The Plum Card is a business trade card, with special features for business purchases. You can get deferred payment options up to 60 days without interest by paying 10% of your balance by the due date. Pay your full balance early and receive a 2% discount. Saving money is a Plum Card feature; you can get email alerts to remind you of the Early Pay discount feature, and you can select your payment billing cycle end date.

The SimplyCash® Business Credit Card is all about cash and savings. Get cash back on purchases, 0% introductory interest rate for 12 months, and no annual fee. There is no limit to the cash back you can receive, and it is credited monthly.

All the OPEN business credit cards bring you membership in the OPEN community, online management of your account and expenses. Stay on top of your business cash flow with complete service and advantages with these new American Express OPEN business credit cards. The cards offer an amazing program for business, complete with expert advice, and business networking. You can even ask the experts a question and get a prompt answer. Participate in networking to interact with other business owners, and to attract new business.

You have earned a wonderful credit reputation, now use it to your advantage in the best program available, with the OPEN business credit cards. Running a successful business means making every cent count, and this is what this special credit program is all about.

Below is an example of how an online purchase of Norton Anti-Virus, Hertz car rental, and Yahoo Search Marketing has saved me almost $70. This is not even showing my future stays at Marriott Courtyard and Fed Ex Shipments which will save additional money for my business.