Oprah Credit Card

oprah-you-get-a-car-meme-gifOne of our most exciting announcements since we were the first site to do a review on the Chase Freedom card that most people enjoy now with rotating categories is an Oprah branded card. Not only is this the card of the century but you can only imagine all of the prizes and rewards you will get from this card. You may ask how you can get your hands on the new, shiny Oprah credit card.

oprah credit cardThe card was first talked about on the Kardashians as it is 24 karat gold and one of the most beautiful cards imaginable. You may think that Suze Orman would have came up with a card this cool since her and Oprah are besties but Oprah decided to do it herself. The new Oprah Card is not a Visa or MasterCard or American Express. Every transaction comes from under your seat as the money you store in this special chair gets credited to your account and Oprah matches it 3x’s.

dr-oz-credit-cardYou can apply for one of these amazing Oprah Cards by screaming in the air when Oprah’s drone comes by your home that “You Get a Card”. Just be careful it is not the Oprah drone that says “You Get a Car!”. There are many drone spammers out there and may not be the real giveaway Queen.

Your credit may not be that great and bankruptcy may be a problem for some. Oprah’s new card will clear up any bad credit and give you the spending limit you desire. The bonus of $500 after your first transaction will come out of the salary that would normally go towards the Republican Congress. This would not only stimulate the economy but make everyone happy because they do nothing anyway right?

Get your Oprah card now by making sure you are standing outside awaiting your drone to come by this April 1st! Also, make sure to have a fabulous April Fool’s Day and Spring.