Earn Two Percent Back with New Orchard Card

This has to be one of our most exciting card editions of the year. We are privledged to bring you a new card from Orchard Bank which is a Platinum card that pays 2% back in rewards. The card that is a very patriotic credit card with an image of the Statue of Liberty comes as a MasterCard and is more consumer friendly than any card introduced this year. Orchard Bank offers a full 2% back as a statement credit, which is more than Discover, more than most of the cards you will find on rewardscards.com in the average or low credit score listings. This is the only true rewards card currently available in the subprime market.

It has been over two years now for me to like a credit card better than the Chase Perfect Card but this one takes the Kings throne. The all-new King of Credit Cards is the Orchard Bank 2% Back MasterCard.

RC Comment:

I found out this card is best for people with lower credit scores who are used to paying annual fees. The Orchard 2% Platinum card was too good to be true to take the place of a No Annual Fee Platinum 1% rewards card. I tried to apply for the Orchard 2% card and noticed it had an annual fee of $59. I quickly abondoned the application and found a better card (good credit only) that gave me a rebate on each months statement at 1% with a higher credit limit and no annual fee.