$100 Discount on Outdoorsy RV Rental Exchange

rvrentalguyrelaxingfeetOutdoorsy is an RV rental exchange that lets RV owners earn extra cash by renting your RV that is otherwise sitting in a driveway. RV renters can save money by renting an RV directly from an owner. Thanks to startups like Airbnb people are making money renting out their homes and rooms and now RV’s.

First-time RV renters can get a $100 Outdoorsy Discount off your first RV rental through Outdoorsy. That makes it a great time to try give the recreational vehicle world a spin and live your dreams.

The process to rent or earn cash is as simple as AirBnb. Listing is free and Outdoorsy collects a percentage of the transaction as their fee. The company also has a unique $1 Million dollar insurance policy that covers both the renter and the owner. It also allows anyone to drive the RV without any special driver’s license or experience. The company runs a DMV check on all renters, and prior to departure, owners meet with renters in order to familiarize them with the vehicle and operations. On average, the cost to rent an RV on Outdoorsy is between $100 and $200 a day.

RVgifRecVehicleRV Owners can Earn money by renting your RV and Set your rates and control your schedule. Outdoorsy takes 15% of each reservation.

RV Renters can rent RV’s from experienced owners for a weekend, a week, or longer. There’s a 10% service fee charged to RV renter for each rental booked but they are offering a $100 Discount for New Renters.

One example of a deal of the week from Outdoorsy is a Wine country, wine tasting & a rental price of under $100/day. This would be a rental out of Temecula, CA for $89 a day! We also saw some other great car packing alternatives such as the VW Vanagon for $55 a day. You could Drive an ‪RV‬ over the Hoover Damn, camp at Grand Canyon National Park and so many amazing things to do when you can rent a enormous Class A RV for less than 150/night!

If you have some friends you want to refer to the program after you test the RV rental out for yourself they offer a referral program. The Outdoorsy refer-a-friend program provides both parties with a $100 reward. You can earn up to $1,000 in Outdoorsy RVing Credits by inviting your friends to Outdoorsy.

Outdoorsy RVing Credits expire one year from the date that any Outdoorsy RVing Credits are last accrued in your Outdoorsy account. The referee must either request a booking of an RV, which is confirmed by the applicable owner, or create a listing, which subsequently receives a confirmed booking with total fees of at least $200 that is not subsequently cancelled.