Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes and Rewards Breakdown

babyregistrypamperstogrow_How to Use the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program
Parents of young children know how expensive it can be to keep a child in diapers. Pampers has come up with a way to offset some of that cost through the early diaper years by allowing you to input codes from packages of diapers and wipes. These codes accumulate and can be used for various things like coupons, toys, and even charitable donations. There are also ways to get bonus points to raise your total even higher.

Once you sign up you can check back to this page each week as we will find updated promo codes to add to this program.

10 FREE Pampers Gifts to Grow Points
To get 10 FREE Pampers Gifts to Grow Points you just need to scroll down and Click on the β€œI’ve read it” button to earn your 10 points.

Where to Find Codes on the Packages
When buying Pampers brand products, those with codes inside should be marked with a special Gifts to Grow label. Most of the codes are located inside the packaging and can be found once the packages are opened. In wipes tubs and single packages, the codes can be found underneath the seal that is removed for use. In multi-packages of wipes, the codes are usually on a sticker on the inside of the package. With diapers, the codes are found on stickers within the package as well.

What to do With the Codes
Entering the codes is very simple. First you should make an account with the program on Then you can begin adding your codes. You can also review products, read articles on the site and do other activities to earn points. If you sign up for notifications with the company through email, they will often send out bonus codes that you can enter, but these often have short expiration dates so it’s important to use them quickly. A quick Google search can also bring up bonus codes that are current and can be added to your account.

How to Spend Your Points
Once you begin accumulating points, you can spend them on the available rewards. These rewards change frequently so if you don’t see something that interests you, it’s always an option to continue saving and check back frequently to see what new rewards may show up. The rewards vary in cost from 10 points for donations to causes like Feeding America and March of Dimes, all the way up to several thousands of points for toys, games and books. There are occasionally offers for coupons or discounts on Pampers products or online stores where you can buy more baby items that you may need. Points can also be used to enter sweepstakes and contests through the site.

The Pampers Gifts to Grow Program is easy to use and is a fun way to accumulate points from all those necessary diapers that babies go through. It may seem to take awhile to get enough points for a reward, but if you keep up with bonuses and always enter your codes, you’ll have enough for a great reward in no time.