Contact Phone Numbers for Chase Credit Cards

How to get in touch with Chase Credit Cards?

Sometimes it is hard to get in touch with your credit card company but we have found out that with most of the Chase branded cards you can normally get through pretty fast. I own a Freedom branded card and it seems to have exceptionally fast customer service. Just in case here are some numbers you may want to keep near your phone.

1. To know your application status 800-432-3117 or app. reconsiderations 888-270-2127. Another number you may consider is 888-245-0625.

2. Reconsiderations 888-609-7805 or 888-871-4649

3. CLI requests, retention,. and account closures 877-781-3109

4. You might just need to reach the Corporate office or Executive branch of the big bank. Call 888-622-7547 for this purpose.

5. Questions on product changes 800-955-9900.