$100 FREE Postmates Food, Alcohol, and Most Anything Delivery Credit

$100 FREE Postmates Food, Alcohol, and Most Anything Delivery Credit

Postmates has been an incredible freebie generating app since its debut. The on-demand app that delivers food, coffee, and alcohol has also brought us many free food offers which are much better than a free sample people chase around the web. These are legit freebies such as Potbelly sandwiches, Free Pizza Slices, Free Smoothies On-Demand, Free Lattes at Starbucks and so on.

To start using Postmates we can also save you $10 in delivery fees so you can start out with several free deliveries. Once you sign-into the app and enter the promo code 478n you should be able to see if there are any freebies available that day for your area. Last week we had Free Thai On-Demand and Free Chili’s Burgers On-Demand which was fantastic! The $100 in credits offer is limited and will go back down to $10 soon so sign-up today!

Here is how to get your $100 Free Credit on Postmates and local freebies such as Free Lattes On-Demand or Free Kale Smoothies:
1. Download the app or head over to Postmates.com to sign up.
2. Select your location then and add any free offers to your cart or the meal that you wish to have delivered or good from any local business. Add them to your cart, and create an account. Use this promo code 478n and you should get $100 in credits to cover the delivery fee.
3. To get a FREE Starbucks Drink Delivered select your city, and look for the “Free Starbucks On Demand” box(or other free promotions for your area). You should have enough delivery credit to get the free drink delivered with free delivery.

APRIL SPECIAL (New and Existing Users): There’s no delivery fee on all orders from the Pizza Diet Collection on iOS or Android through Sunday, April 23. Just look in the Postmates app and scroll down to Pizza Diet for free deliveries. Last week they were giving away Free Jamba Juice 16oz Smoothies. Strawberries Wild, Mango, Caribbean, and Aloha Pineapple. Stay tuned it seems to change weekly!

Postmates Vs. Grubhub
Another one of our most recommended websites to order food online is GrubHub. You can score $12 off including fees and food right now! Postmates has a promotional link to get $10 off but only includes service fees. Postmates is growing to be the biggest foodie app and delivery service so it’s definitely a good download.

Door Dash Vs. Postmatespostmatesfreeoffer
Another competitor to Postmates is Door Dash who recently signed on 7-Eleven delivery but it does not include slurpees. The biggest difference in Postmates and Doordash is that you have to tip the driver up front instead of after the transaction. Door Dash seems to cover more areas and pay their drivers bigger bonuses though. Door Dash also charges more upfront because they mark up each individual item unlike Postmates.

How late can you order stuff such as beer from 7-11 or taco bell munchies?
Postmates is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can get deliveries for as cheap as $2.99.
Postmates Plus, the most affordable way to get delivery from the best merchants in your city for just $2.99 to $3.99. Your order is always accepted by a Postmate and delivered in an hour or less.

How To Get in Contact with your Delivery Guy
You have the power to reach your delivery person directly once they have received your order. This means you’ll have full access to call or text them right in the app. This comes in handy when giving parking advice or letting them know you’re wearing a blue shirt near the door.

Most efficient partners
Partners using their Order app have full control over their deliveries. It comes with tools to adjust ready times when they get busy or to go offline entirely when they are slammed. Item substitutions are handled with a tap of a button rather than over the phone. Once the Postmate arrives, the partner is notified in-app for a quick and easy handoff. By the end of March, all 3,000+ Postmates Plus partners will be using Postmates Order to manage their deliveries which means shorter and more accurate Estimated Delivery Times, less order issues, and even lower delivery fees.

Postmates, Starbucks and Chipotle and other food giants have been teaming up to bring you cheaper deliveries and free offers. First it was Starbucks, then Chipotle, now the food and anything you want delivery service has announced Schlotzsky’s On-Demand store from 7am-9pm. You can enjoy a delivery for only $4.99 delivery on this order every Schlotzsky’s delivery from now on.

If you haven’t used the Postmates APP yet you are missing out on a major convenience. Especially now that they plan to be part of Starbucks deliveries and I can only assume retailers starting soon. The problem is that they are not in all cities and do not extend out to some suburbs in the cities they are present.

Conclusion: Postmates is known as the Uber of “anything” delivery such as groceries or food. You can even get a few liters of vodka sent to your house if you want. Running to the liquor store is always a pain for me since it’s in another county. Take advantage of these free offers from this personal runner app while you can as they may not last for much longer!

Past Offers

If you have an American Express Card here’s an additional $10 offer:
Click Here to Tweet #AmexPostmates for a $10 Statement Credit when you Spend $30 or more with a registered Amex card at Postmates.com or using the Postmates app.

This Week’s Free Food Offer (May Vary Per Market):
FREE Holiday Starbucks or Pumpkin Spiced Lattes On-Demand

Sports Related Offers
Postmates has an offer today only where certain American food deliveries will be delivered free which means no delivery fee. This is because the U.S. won the most golds. Some of the entrees being delivered free today are from California Pizza Kitchen and various burger places.

BritneySpearsGloryWinPrizesPostmatesChance to Win Britney Spear’s tickets for the VMA’s or at the PH Las Vegas
1. Download the app Use this promo code 478n and you should get $10 in credits to cover the delivery fee.
2. Also, enter GETGLORY in the promo code area during the contest period
You have the chance to win the following prizes:
One (1) customized iPhone with Britney Spears’ Glory album pre-downloaded. Approximate retail value is USD $750.
Two (2) tickets to Britney Spears’ performance at the 2016 Video Music Awards, including airfare and accommodation for the night of the performance. Approximate retail value is USD $1850.
Two (2) tickets to Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood, and the opportunity to be invited to perform live on stage with Britney Spears. including airfare and accommodation for the night of the performance. Approximate retail value is USD $2250.
Total aggregate retail value of the prize is up to USD $4850.