Pulaski Bank Credit Card

Sometimes you will find that rewards are not everything. Sometimes you need a bank that can take in a balance transfer from another major bank card such asChase, Citi Cards, or Bank of America. The Pulaski Bank Visa or Mastercard lets you do just this for 6 months with no interest and no balance transfer fees. You can transfer your major bank card balances to this smaller bank and save money on the zero interest offer for a few months until you transfer back to another card. If you only want rewards then Pulaski Bank offers a rewards card with 1% back but you may not get as big of a credit limit as you do with the major banks to rack up those points. In 2007, CardRatings.com rated this one of the best cards of the year.

Pulaski Bank is best known in St. Louis, MO or Little Rock, AR but this card can save you money anywhere in the United States. They claim to offer one of the lowest APR’s in the country and make promises good when it comes to no balance transfer fees.

Pulaski Bank MasterCard® or VISA®

  • 7.99% APR
  • 0.0% Introductory APR on all balance transfers
  • Fixed low rate.
  • Best Credit Card Rate in the Country
  • No Fee balance transfers!
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Note: Iberia Bank now owns Pulaski Bank.