Rebuilding Bad Credit

trumpgoldcardIf you enjoy earning rewards you normally have to have the best of credit. This is why you must focus on how to further your credit score and bring it up to a level to reap these rewards.

Many Americans are searching for ways of rebuilding bad credit. Divorce, unexpected job loss, surprise medical issues, personal crises and more can all lead not only to the upset of one’s personal life, but of one’s financial life as well. Bankruptcies are one of the top factors in bad credit. You have to figure out how to make your credit great again. If anyone knows about bankruptcies it is Donald Trump who wants to make America great again but has had to improve his own credit several times.  You may know someone else who has suffered through bankruptcy or bad credit and had to work their way to get out of that rut. Thankfully there are steps which can be taken to rebuild bad credit that will help you do it in a quicker and efficient way.

First, get a copy of your credit report. Analyze it. Are there creditors with whom you have a good relationship missing from the report? Contact these creditors, and ask for their permission to include them. Then, contact the credit reporting agency. In most cases, these examples of your good credit can be added to your record for as little as $3 per creditor.

Secondly, listen to those advisors who urge getting a major credit card like Visa or MasterCard. Even secured cards have their benefits. Once you’ve got one of these, approach the department stores in your community and open up store lines of credit. Usually easy to get with another credit card–even a secured one–these store credit lines can have a dramatic positive impact on your report, as long as you use this credit responsibly and don’t accrue more debt.

In the event that your credit is extremely damaged, it is possible to “piggy back” on another’s good credit. If you are made an authorized user on another’s account, you essentially increase your credit worthiness on the spot. However, each of you will need to take steps to maintain this financial relationship. The original card holder will need to maintain his own good credit it order not to further damage yours, and it may be advisable for you to hand the card over to your friend upon its arrival so that temptations are kept to a minimum.