Saks Fifth Avenue

While shopping at the mall its best to take your regular Visa, MasterCard, or American Express because most department store credit cards do not offer the best rewards nor do they provide the best interest available.  The Saks Fifth Avenue card is one of my favorite department store credit cards because it allows you to get a 10% discount on your first day of purchases after opening up the account.  For example, if you go into a Saks and buy Crème La De Mer or a Gucci purse you can take off ten percent.   At Saks you will find superior name brands from Moschino to Yves Saint Laurent.

Advance days notice of sales and special event invitations and the ten percent discount is not all you get with this card.  If you prove to be a big money spender then you will get all kinds of goodies like free shipping on

A customer who spends $1,000 in a calendar year on a Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card is automatically enrolled in a program called Saks First where you earn 2 base points per eligible dollar spent from $1 – $4,999 for your calendar year-to-date net purchases, (retroactive to the first dollar spent that year). If you reach the $5,000 eligible net spend you will earn 4 base points per eligible dollar thereafter up to $9,999 on your calendar year-to-date net purchases. When you spend $10,000 of purchases, you earn 6 base points per eligible dollar on your calendar year-to-date net purchases thereafter. Some of the spends not included in this are taxes, delivery,  gift cards, and Louis Vuitton products and services.   Platinum and Diamond Saks First customers get free delivery for in-store purchases limited to local store area.

TIP:  If you spend a lot of money at Saks Fifth Avenue in-store or online then use this card for its rewards but if you just want a few items and rarely shop Saks we suggest this card temporarily to get the 10% discount then cancel the card.