ShopKick Earns You Gift Cards for Walking Into Partner Stores

shopkicktargetShopKick is a shopping app based loyalty program that gives you points or “kicks” for visiting stores and scanning specific items. There are 6,000,000 plus people who have downloaded shop kick for their mobile device on android and iPhone.

ShopKick will let you know of specials that a store is currently having, some of which are exclusive. The app will show you which stores are participating and how far away each store is and how many kicks you’ll receive for entering the store such as Target or Kroger. You have to wonder what ShopKick gets out of it. Well they make money when a business gets a customer inside a store and they buy something might not have otherwise purchased. The money they make from fees they charge businesses to get additional customers in the store is some of what they give back to you.
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Stores that are partnered with the shopping app will pay you 30-100 kicks just to enter the store which amounts to about 40¢ each time. I would recommend waiting near the entrance for a few seconds with your Shopkick application open to earn the points. If you are going to be shopping the stores listed anyway you should open your app and see what goodies come out of it. I would not waste too much time trying to do a scavenger hunt to find items that you have never heard of but if your store is listed trying out the app is a no-brainer.

You can also scan specific items with the app. You can usually get 10 kicks per scan and can scan multiple items per store. You then can earn additional kicks by purchasing items.

They have look books of stores where you can randomly earn points on different pages for a bonus. Also, Don’t forget to refer friends because you’ll earn 1/2 the kicks any buds or social media follower you refer earns within their first 2 weeks of account use up to a maximum of 2,500 points. You receive up to 200 bonus kicks for linking your credit card.

Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards with 1 kick = 0.4¢, meaning you’ll need 1,250 kicks to be able to redeem for a $5 gift card. The minimum you can redeem is $2 or 500 kicks with Target.

Target gift cards ($2 or 500 kicks)
Aerie gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
American eagle gift card ($2 or 500 kicks)
Fandango gift card ($10 or 2,500 kicks)
Game stop gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Papa johns gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Sports authority gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Toys ‘R’ Us gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
iTunes gift card ($10 or 2,500 kicks)
Lowe’s Hardware gift card ($10 or 2,500 kicks)
Nike gift card ($10 or 2,500 kicks)
Sephora Beauty gift card ($10 or 2,500 kicks)
Gas gift cards ($10 or 3,400 kicks, values your kicks higher when you redeem this way) gift card ($25 or 875 kicks this values your kicks higher)
Best Buy gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Macy’s gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Starbucks gift card ($5 or 1,250 kicks)
Coach gift card ($300 or 75,000 kicks)
Tiffany & Co ($300 or 75,000 kicks)