Sony Rewards Card: Best Merchandise Credit Card

After almost five years at Citibank, the Sony Card got back in the game with Bank One now known as Chase and now it rests in the hands of Capital One. One of the most requested brand credit cards is the Sony Card and we welcome it back. The old card was hard to find out how many points you had online and that is supposed to be changed with the new version. You can go online and view your point balance and redeem points for Sony merchandise with as little as 1,000 points. If you purchase tons of Sony merchandise like the VAIO desktops and notebooks, Sony networking equipment, Walkmans, Sony Handycam, memory sticks, etc then this card is definately something you can add up points with with 3 points per every dollar spent on Sony merchandise. All other products or services are one point per dollar. Also if you attend concerts and other events this new improved Sony card offers complimentary ticket protection! With this card you earn more rewards than ever up to 5 points at This is the card to have before you order your Playstation 3 or Wii.  Buy your Sony Playstation 3 with Blu Ray Technology and then purchase all your games with this card to make the maximum points.

The Sony Card is a dream come true for anyone interested in the latest technology. The Sony Card is a Visa credit card with impressive benefits. As soon as one’s application is approved, he receives 5,000 bonus points. That benefit translates into an automatic $50 Sony Gift card. One can earn additional points simply by using his Sony Card. Each dollar spent in a qualified Sony retailer translates into 500 bonus points. Each dollar spent at a restaurant or at the movies qualifies for 300 bonus points. Each dollar spent on other items ranging from groceries to gasoline earns 100 bonus points for the cardholder. A cardholder can redeem his points for any of the cutting-edge products offered by Sony. Music lovers can redeem their points for their favorite artists. Video game aficionados can use their points for the latest releases, the newest systems, or state-of-the-art controls. Movie buffs can exchange points for pictures. Sony Card members can buy the additional points they need to acquire that “must-have” item. Rewards Catalog point limits do not apply to Sony Card members. For example, one can apply a maximum of 200 Sony rewards points for items that are listed at 2,000 points or less; 500 Sony rewards points for items that are listed between 2,001 points and 10,000 points; 500 Sony rewards points for each Gift Card redemption. With the Sony Card, one can apply an unlimited number of reward points to items listed in the Rewards Catalog. Additionally, Sony Card members can access the Sony Card Insider Specials located in the Rewards Catalog.

Wheel Watchers

Wheel of Fortune fans earn bonus points by solving daily puzzles and watching their favorite game show. Wheel Watchers earn 10 bonus points for each puzzle. Each week day, Wheel Watchers win bonus points towards their favorite Sony products by logging on to the Sony Wheel Watchers web site and clicking on the puzzle prior to 5:00 Eastern Time. Wheel Watchers can click on the first letter to solve that night’s Bonus Round Puzzle and earn Sony bonus points. Wheel Watchers who sign up for the Wheel Watchers Club receive a Spin ID (Special Personal Identification Number) that enables them to win the same prizes as the Wheel of Fortune contestants. The Spin ID is automatically generated for each new member. Members should keep this number handy when watching Wheel of Fortune. If his number appears as a winner during the show, the member wins a prize. Wheel Watchers have access to “Pat’s Place where they will find special deals of the week in the Sony Rewards Catalog sponsored by Pat, and the opportunity to win the Monthly Dream Prize. Wheel Watchers Club members can win up to $50,000 when they apply for the Sony Card.

Jeopardy Premier Club

Jeopardy fans have the chance to earn bonus points by watching the show and playing the game. The Jeopardy Premier Club offers members the opportunity to earn bonus points while watching the game show. Members watch the show, then log onto the web site to correctly identify the final Jeopardy category. Jeopardy Premier Club members have the opportunity to win additional points each week. Members can play a special round of Jeopardy that is created from questions featured on the prior week’s show. Winners of each week’s online Jeopardy game advance through the contest, earning the opportunity to win $5,000 and tickets to a VIP taping of Jeopardy, complete with airfare. If the Grand Prize winner also has a valid Sony Card, he will win twice the cash prize – $10,000.

Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club

Movie enthusiasts have an opportunity to win additional Sony reward points when they purchase BD Live Blu-ray discs. Club members can create an online profile. For each disc registered under this profile, the member receives 100 bonus points. The more discs one registers, the more points he earns. This offer applies to BD Live Blu-ray discs only. It does not apply to regular DVDs.

Reverse Auctions

Each month on the third Wednesday, Sony rewards members have the opportunity to name their price for specific Sony products. The Sony Reverse Auction begins at noon ET. Each hour, the price of the Sony product drops until the end of the auction at 10:00 PM ET. However, bidders may not want to wait until the end of the auction, as quantities are limited. Once the last Sony product is sold, the auction ends regardless of the time of day.

The Sony Card from Capital One turns points into rewards. Right now, customers are eligible to receive 5,000 bonus points. That’s the value of a $50 Sony Gift Card! The bonus points are awarded with the first purchase on the card. No minimum spending amount is required!

Customers can use their points for things like a Sony BRAVIA HDTV, a PlayStation 3 system, Blu-ray Disc movies, gift cards and more. Plus with so many new toys coming out of the 2011 CES Vegas previewed earlier in the year you could maybe get your hands on the Sony S Series, Smart TV’s that play

My Sony Rewards Tips:

  • We noticed there were two versions of the Sony Rewards Card several months ago. I think they have just one card now but you may want to check around before applying. Last time we checked the card above had the most points per spend but Sony reduced those points on all the cards from what we can tell.
  • You can earn frequent flyer miles by using Shopping Mall then clicking on the Sony Style link
  • Join My Sony Rewards program to earn extra Sony points just for reading their weekly newsletters and clicking on the links
  • Join the Best Buy Reward Zone program to earn more miles if you buy Sony electronics at Best Buy stores.
  • More points for your dollar spent with Sony Products