Starbucks Rewards Program – Free Drink!

Freebie_Starbucks_Referral_ProgramFREE Starbucks Drink
You’ll get a free drink just for signing up here for the Starbucks rewards program. You just need to register a Starbucks Card and opt-in to receive email from Starbucks to get a free drink.

Starbucks Introduces New Rewards Program 2016
Starbucks officially launched its new rewards program and people are not all that happy about the devaluation. Starbucks is changing the way customers get free drinks. Now instead of getting one star per visit, you get two stars per $1 spent. And to get to Gold level, you have to earn 300 stars instead of 30 like before. Basically, you now have to spend more cash and visit Starbucks more often to earn rewards, especially if you don’t spend over $6 for coffee on each trip.

Take a look at the comparison chart for the New Rewards Program:

FREE Starbucks Gold Status After a Single PurchaseStarbucksGoldStatusFree
Starbucks launched its new rewards program seen as a devaluation by customers sparking a backlash because it will now be a revenue-based rewards system. You used to get one star per visit and now you earn 2 stars per dollar. You’ll need 300 stars to earn Gold status which only used to be 30 stars earned making it more challenging. Starbucks is now offsetting the backlash by offering Gold status for a year with just one purchase by May 2. For new and current Green status members (0-299 stars), you can get Gold status for one year. After the 48 hours it takes to change over to gold status you’ll need to collect 125 stars to earn your first Star Reward. Existing Gold members with status (as of April 11) can receive an additional year of Gold. The Gold status will be updated after the promotion ends on May 2, 2016.