The perfect card to start earning rewards for students with 5% back at Zappos starting in January

College students often complain about the frustrations of being constantly bombarded on campus with in-your-face credit card solicitors. Contributing further to this irritation is the fact that these companies hardly ever accept ‘no’ as an answer, thus making students late as they make their way to a lecture or meeting about to start. As though it isn’t already bad enough to be forced to deal with these commission-hungry credit card company employees, there is also the decision to be made about the right card to choose from the pile of offers for the student who wishes to dive in and sign up.

Airline frequent flyer miles to be gained with each dollar spent, discounts at various hangouts, and reductions in cost for purchases at a student’s favorite clothing store are only a few of the benefits offered as rewards for using most credit cards out there. Yet, none of the above returns describe the best prize available.

What if there was a credit card that offered the kinds of rewards geared specifically toward the hard-working college student?

Turns out, there happens to be a card on the market that fits this description! The Citi® Dividend® Card for College Students has been named as one of the best credit cards for students due to its cash back and rebate policies. Not only is there no annual fee, but there are also over 400 popular retailers giving discounts to those who use this card for their purchasing needs.

FootLocker, Gap,, Men’s Wearhouse,, the Reader’s Digest Store, The Scholastic Store,, and are just a few of the stores that offer this advantage. Supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, buying books at the university store, and even the monthly cable bill nicely round out the choices the student has on where to save money. And the list goes on and on covering just about any kind of item or service that may be needed or wanted.

Rewards, discounts, and rebates are not the only benefits offered by the Citi Dividend Platinum Select card. For example, the card presents a quarterly “rotating categories” money-back system – which is when a different set of selected categories of items will earn the cardholder a 5% rebate each quarter of the year. In other words, one quarter it might be restaurants and clothing stores, and the next quarter it could be car rentals or hotel bookings that ultimately do saving the trick.

As long as the owner of the card enrolls in the rotating categories rebate program, either online or by calling a representative of the company, the benefits it provides are theirs for the taking!

There are constant and plentiful opportunities to save big bucks with this card – and what college student wouldn’t enjoy those few extra dollars burning a hole in his pocket?

Best of all, an interested student may sign up for this card online and thereby easily avoid those in-your-face tigers on their campus who are standing by just waiting to pounce.

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